Advice 1: What to say to a girl good-bye

In a relationship, a situation may arise when a partner needs to leave. The separation may be temporary, such as leaving the army the young man, the departure of a girl in another city at the time, etc. Also a breakup can mean the end of a relationship. In these cases, parting with a girl will be different.
What to say to a girl good-bye


How to say goodbye to the girl at the time

Make a farewell to the girl as romantic. If you fly on a plane, plan a romantic evening with candles in the café of the airport and if by train – in the station restaurant. Let the place of farewell the girl associated with something pleasant, not sad. During dinner, avoid talking about your separation. More tell her how much you love her, invite her to dance.

Develop the conversation on the topics that you will do when back together. Don't forget the flowers. Before leaving can quietly put the girl in a bag sheet of paper with a love message. For example, it may be these words: "Darling, (girl's name). As soon as I turned away from you, I realized even more how much I love you. I won't be sad, I, on the contrary, I want to smile with happiness, because I have you, I was very lucky. You are the most beautiful, loyal, kind, welcome, friendly, love, sweet, gentle (choose any of these words). I love you!" Importantly, that line came from the heart. If you don't have enough imagination to write your sweetheart a love letter, I can simply quote the verses of poets, she is such an option will undoubtedly love. After all, the main thing is your attention to it. She will appreciate it above all.

What to say to a girl when breakup

Here the situation is more complicated, and parting words will speak very difficult. However, if you decide to do it, then do it. Should not continue the relationship only because her pity, and do not want to offend. If you are very hard to say goodbye to the girl with words, write her a farewell letter. No need to complicate things and to paint in verse. It looks ridiculous and funny. Just describe all the reasons why you want to break up with her. Of course, a single letter is not enough. You should not leave in English, leaving the partner in misunderstanding and resentment. Her need to talk. Tell her that you were good, you're all grateful, but you can't be together for certain reasons.

Women are by nature very emotional, so prepare to that it will drop a tear. If you need to, hug her, tell me, what is it good. Of course, it will be unpleasant and painful, but eventually she calm down. Can occur with what the girl will ask the guy to give her a second chance, to cry, to ask for it back. If these attempts are futile, you will be asked at least to remain friends. Do not fall for these words. Be firm and decisive, but not rude.

Try to answer all her questions so you don't have misunderstandings. After a breakup it is better to stop communicating with his ex-girlfriend. She needs to understand that the past does not return, and their relationship in the past. Tell her: "We were good together, but now I don't love you, and it does not change". These are the main words you need to say to your girlfriend good-bye.

Advice 2 : How to tell a girl you love her

Which is to say about feelings you are trying to her, no matter first time or the tenth, but freeze all of the words, when in the eye, at least for a moment your look. It is important to confess his love to the girl so that the words were not only heard, but also touched her heart. In fact, the recipes are countless. There are some General rules, but mostly it will depend on you.
How to tell a girl you love her
The most important thing is to try to do everything to his beloved was in a good mood, or wait until such time when all her thoughts higher problems. If she likes to be the center of attention, it is possible to arrange recognition in the karaoke bar, to sing her favorite love song, but to be better in silence, as it is very personal, and she can be embarrassed.
If a girl has a sweet tooth, in the evening in the restaurant or café, you can order a cake for her with recognition.
Even if you have no opportunity to do anything big, even if you just hug her gently and whisper the sacred words, or write on my status about love so that the girl realized that it was dedicated to her,- you will succeed – she learns about your feelings.
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The most important thing in this, perhaps, sincerity is to speak what you feel, not memorized text. Do not laugh as this will only show you the love that your confession is not serious.

Advice 3 : How to tell a girl that you liked her

How to tell a girl that you like her? This is the question faced by almost every man. After all, you can't just walk up to her and announce it openly. It's pretty hard, and few men will be able to decide on such a thing.
How to tell a girl that you liked her
Be yourself. You must be confident in your decision and act without hesitation. Because girls don't like insecure and indecisive men. Of course, this does not mean that you need to tell her about his own sympathy immediately after the first moments of your acquaintance. The best solution is to tell it to the end of the date.
Tell her about some stories from your life that involves you personally. See how the girl will react to it. This way you will be able to see you interested in her or not, and whether you have something in common.
Offer to meet the girl again. Invite her to go to any party or to the cinema. Remember: you want to "add" in the personal life of a person that you like. You should not say, "I like You and I wish you were with me." It is better to say: "I really liked it, so I would very much like to keep you forever in my life".
Show her that you care. Before you confess, give her flowers. For this, you can choose roses, gerberas or lilies. Just don't give carnations! By the way, the color is also important: choose red, pink or white flowers.
Change your beliefs at some points in your life: "If the girl does not fall for me, then I become the most miserable man on earth." You don't have to think, will be much better if you mentally say to yourself: "I would love to chat with her. But if she rejects me, then nothing bad will happen". You still have nothing to lose.
Remember that as a teenager, you told your peers that you like them. Just as soon as a person gets older, it loses some of its projdenyj skills. After all, the whole experience is a very large flow of information, constantly falls" on you and forces you to become more withdrawn and hidden. Your task is to not be that way. In any situation, be real and open person.

Advice 4 : What to say to "I love you"

Love confession you can get from whom you least expect to hear it. Sometimes the phrase is a pleasant surprise, and can sometimes create an awkward situation. After all, if you don't feel reciprocal feelings, you have to answer very carefully so as not to offend.
What to say to "I love you"
Understand his feelings. Sometimes it is very simple, especially if you waited a long time for the cherished phrase from a loved one. Then you can happily say "I love you too" and hug. Original answer "I love you" in other languages. Look online or in the dictionary, how to pronounce this phrase and memorize.

If the feeling's not mutual

But if you don't feel the same, do not lie, avoid answering, or otherwise confuse love with a person. To answer "I love you" without feeling the same, in different ways. Do it carefully and gently.

Tell me the truth. No need to invent high-sounding words, quite simple and clear answer: "sorry, I don't have to you such feelings, I'm sorry." If you like the other person, will report it with the words "I love another, I'm sorry." So you put in the relationship, does not leave the person in limbo and do not spoil impression about themselves.

Keep silent. This tactic should be used in a pinch if you don't know how to respond to a Declaration of love. Complete silence will create a tense atmosphere, so it will be better if you can take the conversation to another topic. A few seconds shut up, letting him know that you heard the question, and then tell me about something else.

What not to do in response to "I love you"?

Do not offer to remain friends. Such a simple phrase puts a person in an uncomfortable position – he was rejected, but not alienate, give hope to be there. And to be in the role of a friend, loved one difficult, and will not work from these people good friends.

Do not ridicule the other person's feelings. To say those three words was hard, so the humor is misplaced. To translate such a sensitive topic into a joke, it requires great skill and tact. If you do not feel this ability, it is better not to try.

You can't tell on the recognition of the familiar. If you do not reciprocate, it is better to pretend that it never happened. The man is not easy to survive your failure, and if everyone will gossip and laugh at it, it will be very unpleasant.

If you can't understand their feelings, ask for time to think. "That's nice, but so unexpected. Give me time to understand myself." After that, understand yourself, understand, feel, and respond. Do not tighten the conversation, not to torment a man in love.

Advice 5 : What to say to his girl goodbye

"Good-bye", "Bye", "Night", "Call, write and the money went to" - the words that we speak to people every day. So we ended our meeting with them, knowing that tomorrow, or maybe after a month, we will meet again. But these words will not work, if a guy says goodbye to his girlfriend forever.

Say goodbye because leaving.

Oh, the youth. Ambitions do not give rest to, make us fly to explore new territory. Someone leaves, someone remains. But the break is always hard. A young man leaving his girlfriend still loves her, but he seeks to discover new sensations, in parting I must say, unforgettable words.

Actually, the more effective the video will look on your relationship. Most likely, you will not meet, let the time spent together will be a good memory.

If the girl went to another city, and you're a guy and you don't know what to tell her, because even if you do not show, in the depths of the soul crept into resentment, then in any case, do not leave a bad impression. Tell me what is upsetting her departure, but you hope that life will give your relationship a second chance.

Say goodbye, because love is.

"Who love this made up, you don't know about it while you're young" - sings in tears pretty girl after a breakup with her boyfriend. The young man realized that love is no more, and decided to leave. In parting, he said to her, "You're a good girl, I will find love".

So it is impossible to say. Young people reflect, in this moment in time she loves you, for her you are the best. These words cut the insides of the girl. Know that she hears, really? "I don't care how you will live, and who you will be" is crippling.

Try anyway. Alternatively, you can simply explain that your relationship has no future. But be careful, not every girl can say. Be guided by the situation if the girl at least a little aware of the seriousness of the situation, not reaching for heavy objects to beat you, and not looking for a pill to forget itself, then you can build a constructive dialogue.

If your girl is ready for crazy things only you'd stayed with her forever, be terse. To calm or make excuses is pointless. She won't hear you. By the way, here, as they say, "instead of a thousand words", take a small gift. Just ask for forgiveness, give thanks, for the time that she gave you, explain that you can not change everything, but it will remain an important person.

Say goodbye, because the night passed.

The dark one gave you beauty, but she did not plan to stay. Don't care why – the reasons can be many. Can at all is unknown, as does the girl to continue communication with you, but little time in the morning to do this, and no reason. Tell me what this morning was unforgettable, this dawn is the best end to the night. And to say goodbyes, not worth it, don't spoil the atmosphere.
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