How to say goodbye to the girl at the time

Make a farewell to the girl as romantic. If you fly on a plane, plan a romantic evening with candles in the café of the airport and if by train – in the station restaurant. Let the place of farewell the girl associated with something pleasant, not sad. During dinner, avoid talking about your separation. More tell her how much you love her, invite her to dance.

Develop the conversation on the topics that you will do when back together. Don't forget the flowers. Before leaving can quietly put the girl in a bag sheet of paper with a love message. For example, it may be these words: "Darling, (girl's name). As soon as I turned away from you, I realized even more how much I love you. I won't be sad, I, on the contrary, I want to smile with happiness, because I have you, I was very lucky. You are the most beautiful, loyal, kind, welcome, friendly, love, sweet, gentle (choose any of these words). I love you!" Importantly, that line came from the heart. If you don't have enough imagination to write your sweetheart a love letter, I can simply quote the verses of poets, she is such an option will undoubtedly love. After all, the main thing is your attention to it. She will appreciate it above all.

What to say to a girl when breakup

Here the situation is more complicated, and parting words will speak very difficult. However, if you decide to do it, then do it. Should not continue the relationship only because her pity, and do not want to offend. If you are very hard to say goodbye to the girl with words, write her a farewell letter. No need to complicate things and to paint in verse. It looks ridiculous and funny. Just describe all the reasons why you want to break up with her. Of course, a single letter is not enough. You should not leave in English, leaving the partner in misunderstanding and resentment. Her need to talk. Tell her that you were good, you're all grateful, but you can't be together for certain reasons.

Women are by nature very emotional, so prepare to that it will drop a tear. If you need to, hug her, tell me, what is it good. Of course, it will be unpleasant and painful, but eventually she calm down. Can occur with what the girl will ask the guy to give her a second chance, to cry, to ask for it back. If these attempts are futile, you will be asked at least to remain friends. Do not fall for these words. Be firm and decisive, but not rude.

Try to answer all her questions so you don't have misunderstandings. After a breakup it is better to stop communicating with his ex-girlfriend. She needs to understand that the past does not return, and their relationship in the past. Tell her: "We were good together, but now I don't love you, and it does not change". These are the main words you need to say to your girlfriend good-bye.