The breakup should be a calculated decision

After making a final decision on the breakup, you need to act like a man, not to go on about the immediate emotions and thoughts. Of course, in some cases great importance is the situation that became the reason for the decision about the breakup.
However, you can not act rashly, so you first must balance its internal state, and then you must give the girl a meeting.

Cowardly and stupid look breaking up with a girl by SMS or email. Only in exceptional cases it is permissible to inform the woman about the decision by phone. Also the easiest and most popular way to end a relationship with a girl is the disappearance of her field of vision. The young man stops responding to messages and calls openly avoids meetings.

Such relationship with time, of course, will stop. However, it is worth thinking about the other person's feelings. The girl will worry and wonder what caused such a reaction. Most likely she deserves respect and at least an explanation.

Another thing is that it is not necessary to call the girl the real reason for the breakup, if she can hurt her. For example, in the case where the guy met another girl and fell in love.

If the guy that made the decision to end the relationship with a girl against further joint friendly communication, you can write a letter to a girl. This parting will be very beautiful and romantic.

The best option for a guy to inform about the decision the girl will be a visit to a café, where in a relaxed atmosphere they will be able to discuss the problem.

Parting with a girl, you need to thank her

In all cases, informing the girl about the breakup in any way, you must be tactful but persistent. We need to thank the girl for the time spent. To mention its nice quality, nice things, spent time as a whole.

Special attention should be paid to the moment of subsequent feelings of guilt and experiences of girls. It is known that emotion and sensitivity in the female is well developed. Therefore, in order for the girl not to question yourself and doubt on the topic: "What did I do wrong?", "Why doesn't he fit?", "Why did he leave me?" and other recommended to refer to the dissimilarity of the characters.

You should also refrain from criticism and recriminations, because this separation will turn the parties into enemies. Definitely need to convince her that soon she will meet a worthy and suitable young man for her.

You should avoid false hopes and promises. Saying goodbye to a girl should not waste her time in useless waiting. This behavior will be decent men.

By following these recommendations, it is realistic to keep a girl a good relationship, and parting not to look unpleasant and vile young man.