Remove the vehicle, which plan to hand over on scrap metal, from the register. To do this, apply at the place of registration of the transport. It specify why the vehicle cannot be delivered to the registration unit. Then appoint an inspector who will make the act of technical inspection. This act and shall be grounds for deregistration of transport. The act also enclose a document confirming your identity.
Take the vehicle on a special receiving point of scrap metaland with the help of the cargo of the car - own or rented. You can also look for such points of reception, which are themselves taken overall scrap.
To prevent fraud, donating scrap metal, provide the documents that you are the owner of this vehicle a year or more. Also remember that companies engaged in buying, selling and processing of metals are subject to mandatory licensing. To date, there are legislative acts that regulate the buying and selling of scrap metal.
Try to find out if in your area the program of recycling of old cars, on which you can get a certificate for 50 000 rubles for the purchase of a new car. If such a program is valid, and its terms are suitable for you, participate in it. You will be able to get a new car at a substantial discount.