With the acquisition of boats, you become its owner, but do not acquire the right to float on it. Before you can get it on the water and to enjoy the speed and fresh wind, you must register the boat in the GIMS – the State Inspection on small size vessels.
Check the boat you have to spend at the place of residence – that is, in the nearest branch of GIMS in your area. Go to GIMS, take the receipt form on payment of fees - will tell you what amount you should pay. Fee will pay in the savings Bank and then go to GIMS.
Your boat should inspect the inspector. You have two options: to bring the boat in GIMS or bring your inspector to the place of storage of the boat. The call of the inspector costs about 500 rubles per hour. Before you call the inspector or to bring the boat in GIMS, take care of all the necessary documents.
You will need: documents on the boat, proving your ownership of something there is a contract of sale. Technical passport of the boat and propulsion system. ID and INN. If your boat is homemade, you will have to provide receipts for purchased materials.
Given that cash register receipts fade quickly, store them in a sealed envelope in the fridge, or when buying materials take receipts. For homemade boats you need and drawing in three projections numbered showing the main structural elements.
While the inspector will have to inspect your boat, you will write a statement. If your craft meets all the requirements, the inspector places an inspection, you'll get the necessary documents. You will be assigned a time when you will be able to ship the ticket; usually have to wait two to three weeks.
After obtaining ship ticket you will be put on Board the boat received a registration number and to equip it with security features in accordance with the requirements of GIMS. If you have the right to control the boat, you can launch it and start enjoying all the pleasures vodnomotornyy walks. If no rights, you have to get them by taking a course at GIMS and passing after the necessary theoretical and practical tests.