In the notice, it is necessary to enter passport data. But remember that not only the passport is an identity document. The list includes a passport, military ID, identity card, certificate of release from places of deprivation of liberty, the identity of the member of the Federation Council or the Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. As well as the national passport or ID card with "Visa" or a certificate of registration at the place of residence or stay, residence permit, issued by the internal Affairs bodies of foreign citizens, a birth certificate for persons under 14 years of age.
Execute a power of attorney. If your passport is on the exchange, you have to be a temporary document through which you can without problems execute a power of attorney at the notary. If you have no temporary document, then immediately demand the relevant authorities. There is still a temporary passport loss, which is issued on the first day of treatment.
Do not rely on a driver's license, they are not the document that certifies the identity in Russia. Driver's license you can not sell an apartment or get married. Try to look in their documents a photocopy of your passport, if mail working decent people or are you a frequent visitor to this office, they will go into your position and give the parcel.
Bedsides the parcel delivered to the house, it is only necessary to call the relatives to the post office and explain the situation, if the power of attorney no problems. Although the postman should still require a passport in bedridden patient, forget about it.