Neat manicure is an important part of the image. But the manicure, done at home lasts about three or four days. Housework, contact with water, and cooking is not the easiest test for your manicure.
If you want to enjoy a great manicure, which can last a few weeks, you should use the special gel Polish called shellac. With it, you don't need the services of a master. Also, this coating makes the nails more healthy and strong.
The shellac looks on the nails is much more effective than a regular manicure. Manufacturers of this coating can offer fashionable different shades. You can choose trendy color of the season. It all depends on your preferences.
Must be purchased at the shop of an orange stick, and a tool to remove the cuticle. Put on the nail bed, wait a few minutes and move the cuticle to the side. You can also choose a manicure.
Next is to process the entire surface of the nail with a special buff. This is done in order to cover the future held as long as possible. But you can buy in stores are usually a soft nail file. The result is the same.
If you want to achieve maximum adhesion of shellac to the surface of the nail plate should be degreased nails. Walk carefully with a cotton pad soaked in a solvent for the nail, the side of the surface. For this purpose you can also use plain alcohol or acetone.
Next, you need to apply on nails specially designed base coat. It will help to strengthen your nails and make them more flexible and durable. Apply a thin base layer in two steps.
Applying a special gel Polish, pay special attention to the entire nail plate, otherwise the nail can split in some places. Base coat will need to be fixed with an ultraviolet lamp of high power.
Prepare the shellac, shake the bottle several times so that the color coating further has a uniform. Apply a thin layer. Secure the gel Polish with lamp, then repeat the procedure. The second coat makes the manicure brighter and more attractive. Shellac should be applied slowly and very carefully. Your manicure is ready! This type of manicure is ideal for those who do not have enough time for regular nail treatments.