The cons of shellac

Procedure with the application of shellac is only possible in a professional salon. Therefore, the result depends on professionalism of the master. Should choose nail salons that provide guarantee the provision of qualified services.

Among the disadvantages of shellac it is possible to note high cost. Periodically, the shape of the nail have to adjust that also costs a decent amount. Particularly expensive manicure, if the nails grow fast.

Despite manufacturers ' warranty, shellac does not tolerate sudden changes in temperature. The dangers of shellac nail may occur, for example, when washing dishes. Under the influence of hot water the nail expands, and then begins to narrow.

Such deformation leads to the appearance of microcracks, through which the base of the nail can easily penetrate bacteria. As the shellac on the nails holding quite firmly, the bacteria will have enough time for reproduction. Thus, the application of the shellac increases the risk of nail diseases, including fungus.

The benefits of applying the shellac

In fact, the opinion that shellac damage the nails erroneously. Procedure itself is completely harmless. Just need to monitor closely the condition of nails and not expose them to extreme temperatures. By the way, if to contain his own body and the apartment was clean, nail fungus will not be afraid.

The procedure of shellac equally shown both short and long nails. A means and method for applying a beneficial effect on the thin nails and significantly reduce their fragility. In addition, a woman able to grow nails to the desired length, as the shellac protects them from cracking and breakage.

Remove the coating using special tools, therefore, do not fear the use of household chemicals. She won't be able to damage the shellac. Without compromising the look of the coating on nails up to 3 weeks.

Another advantage of shellac – glitter, which becomes less pronounced with time. Also pleasing palette of colors that you can use to decorate their nails.

The shellac does not present such hazardous substance as formaldehyde. On the contrary, the production use of the substance, which sparing effect on the nail plate. Therefore, to perform the procedure without fear can even pregnant women.