USB flash drive

USB stick appeared long ago and are now used literally everywhere. This is justified, since they practically do not take up space, and they can be used to transmit and store a lot of diverse information. A few years ago it was very difficult to find a really large flash drive. Then the producers offered the device the amount of 1-2 gigabytes. Today, anyone can easily find a USB-stick, the volume of which is equal to 16 or 32 gigabytes. Today more and more people use these devices, and some of them even keep all of your important information on a flash drive and work all the time this way, without copying the data on the hard disk. It should be noted that to do such is not necessary, as you risk losing your information.

The service life of USB stick

Unfortunately, USB sticks, and any other device that can sometimes fail or even cease to function. Claimed the life of manufacturers of such a device is on the average 5 years, but it can break earlier. In fact, lifetime depends on how many times it was recorded and deleted various information (it is sometimes said that the lifetime depends on the number of connections to the port). Each drive can withstand about 10,000 times of overwriting files. By the way, returning to the number of connections, I would like to note that this judgment is incorrect, and even absurd, as it can not affect the device itself. Even after its service life expires, if you wish (using special software), the user can read the information stored on it, but to record nothing happens.

There is another opinion that if you record on a USB stick some information for a long time not to use it, it can also affect the life of the drive. In fact, everything is exactly the opposite. The service life of the device will not change. The only thing that will suffer in this case, the information stored on it. First, the information on the drive may be out of date and be unusable. Second, in 10 or 15 years without the use of the drive, there will appear different kinds of errors, and the user will not be able to read some of the files stored on it.

The result is that while the average lifespan claimed by the producers in 5 years, he can still shrink depending on how many times she recorded information.