If you decide to buy a new fridge, then start again to consider options from domestic producers. It is especially important to pay attention to the "Atlant". To provide a complete picture of this appliances, you should become familiar with their main advantages and disadvantages.

What advantages has the refrigerator "Atlant"

Silent operation. Each Atlant refrigerator operates quietly. Only at the time of its inclusion may be a slight noise. The manufacturer was able to achieve such a parameter through the use of household appliances only one compressor.

Long term of operation. Of refrigerators Atlant, high reliability. They are provided due to the fact that the technology available electronics.
It disables electronics modern refrigerators in the first year of operation. Therefore, despite the fact that its presence increases the functionality of appliances, it is recommended to abandon it.
As a result of household technology from the Belarusian manufacturer, will last properly for many decades.

A long warranty. To find a shop where serve refrigerators Atlant, easy. There is a big network. They have a free warranty repair within 3 years from the date of purchase. They also held postgarantee service.

High quality. If you need a good refrigerator, then be sure to choose "Atlanta" as it is made from tested raw materials. Plastic has no smells, so the products retain all their taste.

Reasonable price. Well the fact that the Atlant refrigerator is set to a low value. Therefore, their purchase costs to a minimum.

What are the disadvantages has refrigerator "Atlant"

Not too attractive in design. Despite the fact that the range of refrigerators "Atlant" is very wide, it is still missing a model with smooth and sleek lines. Therefore, competition on this criterion with imported refrigerators they can not make.

No function No Frost. As you know, she is responsible for inside freezers do not accumulate frost.
Choosing a fridge with a No Frost system, keep in mind that it will contribute to the drying products. Therefore, they are much quicker to deteriorate.
This makes it possible to produce washing appliances only occasionally, thus avoiding unnecessary trouble.

Also among the downsides are the lack of shelves for bottles, of the zone of supercooling, the function "Protection of children", as well as a small tray for eggs.