All pregnant women in Russia have the right to obtain the birth certificate. It is designed to improve the care provided to women during pregnancy, confinement and observation for a newborn baby to a year.

Allocated under the certificate means (11 thousand) giving birth are not issued and transferred to medical institutions. For this there are 3 card, which are extinguished gradually, as treatment of the pregnant woman in urban and rural public hospitals.

Where you can get your hands on the birth certificate

The document is issued in the municipal female consultations with the proviso that the woman standing in it on the account on early terms of pregnancy. To occur you need at least 12 weeks.

Women who were not given the certificate is issued at birth. Pass No. 1, designed for women, will be repaid.

If in the hospital a woman for any reason has not received the document, give it in the clinic when doctors start watching a newborn baby. Stamps №№1-2 thus extinguished, and the funds received only on account of the children's hospital.

In case the woman pays for the management of pregnancy and childbirth, the certificate is not given, it will be canceled.

When you get a birth certificate

The future of the young mother was given a certificate for a period of 30 weeks, with the exception of a multiple pregnancy. Mother-heroine you can get the necessary documents for delivery at the 28th week of pregnancy. In principle, as mentioned above, the certificate is obtained at any stage: in the antenatal clinic in the hospital and in the clinic.

This will require the following documents: passport of the Russian Federation or the residence permit for living in Russia without citizenship, health card, social security number and card exchange.

Map get women advice. A pregnant woman needs to have a whole list of documents. To prepare them in advance that all needed was at hand.

The government has issued birth certificates to encourage employees of maternity hospitals, perinatal centers, women's clinics. Funds that receive municipal medical institutions, are to increase the salaries of personnel and for the purchase of medicines and nutrition of expectant mothers.

If quality of care did not suit the woman in labor, the hospital may not get into your account due to payment. All the services that a woman wants to obtain in addition to the main, paid for it themselves.