You will need
  • - flannel or any other soft material
  • pasta GOI
  • - buff
  • industrial oil (veretenko)
The main rule in working with the GOI paste - do not apply it directly on the target surface. It is fraught with rapid destruction of the protective layer resulting from polishing, which causes the loss of the visual attractiveness of the product and demand it be reprocessed.
The GOI paste should be applied on flannel or any other soft absorbent material. In addition to the tissue under arm should be a little piece of metal, through which rubbing and polishing paste, and pulverize large particles capable of scratching the surface.
You can use this method of softening paste: dip a flannel in technical gasoline (for example, in the one which is charged with a lighter) and only after that RUB it by means of polishing. This method is more efficient, because gasoline will quickly dissolve the chromium oxides in the composition of paste GOI.
For high-quality polishing of various products will need industrial oil, which in common parlance is called "Vereteno". On the surface that require treatment, you need to apply 1-2 drops of this liquid. It can enhance the gloss of the protective layer and make it more durable. So if there is a need for regular use of paste GOI, it is highly desirable to acquire all recommended for polishing tools.
The process of surface treatment pasta is very simple: you have to RUB the product in flannel, periodically wetting his veretenko. The hand movements should be smooth. It is not necessary to apply the stress and pressure on the treated subject. It will not give any effect other than extra work. In addition, if the paste GOI poorly dissolved, its large particles with pressure will certainly leave on the surface are unsightly traces in the form of scratches. Work complete after you see the desired quality of light.
The final stage of using the paste GOI – thorough rinsing the polished articles in kerosene. If that is not available, you can use running water.
Release four kinds of pasta GOI, each of which has its own number. The most expensive means of paste No. 4. She has a rather coarse structure, so it can be used to remove various scratches, including a deep.
Paste No. 3 is able to give treated surfaces a Matt finish. This means more fine-grained. The thin paste - No. 1 and No. 2. They provide high-quality gloss. They can be used to Polish the screens of mobile phones, watches, sunglasses, jewelry, articles of precious metals and other products.