You will need
  • - scrapers;
  • - quartz sand;
  • such as polishing powder;
  • - grinding wheels;
  • special means for care of the stone surface.
Stone grind by smoothing the cut surface. This should remove the traces left by the tools during the treatment. Soft rocks – tuffs, sandstones svezhevyglazhennye grind iron or steel scrapers or graters, which are inserted into special wooden frames. Hard rock treat solid stones are also inserted in the mandrel.
Pour fine silica sand and add some water to prevent heating of stone and dust, which will not improve your health if you inhale it. Now sanding sticks made of emery, and carborundum. Start more large rough grinding material and finish more fine-grained and tender.
The concave and convex surface of natural stone handle bar with any profile. Further processing is needed only of a dense stone, with a small amount of time. The most part of sandstones, tuffs, coarse limestone cannot be polished, therefore, remain opaque.
Further work with iron or steel iron, rotating iron disk. Then change the tool on a wooden circle, covered with felt, bast, flannel, leather. The polishing powder used is different – emery, pumice, diatomaceous earth.
Make a paste, which you will need for further work. It consists of harpies or stearine, turpentine, dye hue of your stone. The surface heat coals, add the paste and slide a hot iron, remove the excess putty.
How to grind strongкамни/strong" class="colorbox imagefield imagefield-imagelink" rel="gallery-step-images"> Scratched and bad surface of the natural stone you can upgrade by grinding with special tools. Clean the countertop from dirt and grease stains – apply a very caustic detergent on the cloth and wipe the right place. Cleaner purchase for the stone, which needs to be refined. Read the instructions for use, as the method may be different.
Spray the product and RUB it with a soft, dry cloth. Remove excess and Polish the surface.