Metal can be polished using special polishing pastes that include chalk, limestone, diatomaceous earth, dolomite, chromium oxide, aluminum oxide and iron oxide.
Thus the surface of most fine finishes achieve a friction piece of wool or felt , oiled with a special paste. After polishing this surface will get a mirror Shine.
For the preparation of pastes for polishing metals take paraffin 20 g, 10 g tallow, technical fat, 3 g and micropowder M 50 - 67, mix All ingredients until homogenous.
Polishing metals also by chemical means, i.e. by simple immersion of the subject in a bath with a special polishing solution without using electric current. For this you can use porcelain trays or cups.
To prepare such a polishing solution, take: 350 ml concentrated phosphoric acid, 50 ml of concentrated nitric acid, 100 ml of concentrated sulfuric acid and 0.5 g of sulphate or nitrate of copper. All mix.
Operating temperature of bath should be 100-110° C. By the time you need to Polish from 0.5 to 4 minutes. When polishing will be allocated a suffocating pair, so put the bath in a fume cupboard or into the open air.
If you need to Polish some inaccessible metal surfaces, especially in small jewelry, polishing complete with chopsticks, of wood (Linden, birch, aspen). Sticks cut out this shape, which is suitable to the surfaces to cylindrical, rectangular, triangular cross section, with concave and convex working portion. This part sticks grate the cooked pasta.
For polishing of metal surfaces of large size can use various forms of blocks of wood, pre-covered with leather outside inner side.