You will need
  • - Kalanchoe;
  • - a sharp knife or blade.
First of all, define your Kalanchoe as different varieties react differently to pruning. Ordinary Kalanchoe Blossfeld, blooming red flowers, you can dive without restrictions. Even if you leave just a stump, after a while it will Bud and securewise. To the care of rare hybrids with yellow, pink, white flowers take a more cautious, they can even die as a result of improper trimming.
If the plant has outgrown (this often occurs in full sun), has lost its compact form, and formed ugly sickly the top, remove it. After each bloom be sure to cut away all the stems. To form the buds, place the plant on a dark window sill (you can even close the flower at night with a bucket or box) and hold almost no irrigation for a month. Then move to a bright place and begin watering, such a regime change favorable effect on Kalanchoe, and it will almost certainly bloom.
To Kalanchoe growing dense Bush, carefully observe the shoots. As soon as they begin to grow, they take on the top two leaves. In place of the pinching after some time will be two shoots, let them grow until the appearance of the third pair of leaves, and trim them at this level. Wait for two more shoots and a third pair of leaves, again make pinched. Act so until then, until it forms a neat, dense shrub is rounded (or desired) shape.
Last time cut shoots of Kalanchoe in November (on) or winter (on the West or East window). Please note that in winter, Kalanchoe is advisable to keep in a cool place, the optimum temperature of 10-15?C.
To propagate Kalanchoe, or simply refresh you from cuttings. To do this, cut off the young shoots with a length of 10 to 15 cm with a sharp blade or knife. Remove the leaves from the lower part of the handle, let dry 1-2 days. Prepare a place for a flower in a pot with a mixture of sand and moist peat. Place the cuttings at a depth of about 5 cm, the ground around well push. We should not close the handle with plastic or tin, but also spray water. Just moderate it and keep water at a temperature of 20-25?C.