Pruning is usually carried out in August-October. Some growers do this procedure in the spring, which also gives excellent results. Remember that pruning is always to produce above an outward facing Bud.
First decide what shape you want to give the flower. Looks very impressive hibiscus, which is formed as Stam tree. For this always try to remove side shoots until the plant reaches the desired height. Then cut off its top. Thus on the stalk needs to grow 5-6 side shoots, which will form the crown of your trees.
It is important to properly choose the height of the plants depending on where he will stand. If the tree is on the table, his height should not be higher than the 30-45 cm plant Height of standing on the floor, usually no more than 50-80 cm But sometimes Stam tree can reach meter mark. All depends on the size and height of your apartment. To form a low, beautiful plant, leave 3-4 main branches. Then partially cut off these branches and remove weak shoots and basal suckers. At the same time cut the roots, not to increase the size of the pot. But here caution is necessary. Remove only 1/3 of the roots, otherwise the plant may die.
In the case of transplantation of the young plants you get about a third to cut the branches - it increases the growth of young shoots.