Jasmine room for abundant flowering should pass the cool winter. The temperature during winter should be about 8-10C. Daytime temperatures above 16-18 ° C by. In the winter months the plant will be comfortable in a cool room. Even lower temperature Jasmine can withstand, subject to a gentle watering. The most important thing is to protect the plant from heat and the drying effects of Central heating radiators.

Abundant flowering conducive to good lighting. In the summer it can be put in a Sunny place but out of direct scorching rays should be protected. Jasmine will like it if its in the summer went to live on fresh air without drafts and solar heat.

Watering is an important aspect of plant care. Jasmine watered and sprayed (not blooming) is not hard a little lukewarm water. You can even slightly acidify the water, so the water was not hard. At room conditions the plant put on the tray with wet expanded clay. This provides greater humidity. The plant likes moist soil but not wet. In the winter, be sure to dry the substrate before the next watering.

Fertilize potted Jasmine during active growth every two weeks flower feeding.

Transplant Jasmine in the spring in the standard soil. Choose a pot slightly larger than the previous one. When the flower reaches the desired size, it is left to live permanently in the pot, annually removing a layer of soil 5-7cm and replacing with a new one.

Trim the flower should be immediately after flowering. Untie the plant stems from the wire ring, and remove weak and old stems, leaving 5cm from the soil. Healthy stems were cut by one third and side shoots, which are removed 1-2 buds. Again entwine around the wire ring and fix. New shoots grow back tied to the ring.

Under favorable care indoor Jasmine lives in the house long.