It is most convenient to propagate an existing plant, cutting off his top and putting on the rooting. In this case, in addition to the new plants will have some new top on the old, which, in turn, can be rooted in 3-4 years. If all the conditions to propagate a dracaena thus is easy. Cut off the crown can be provided that the plant height more than 30 cm above the surface of the pot will remain a trunk height of not less than 15 cm, otherwise the Orchid could die, leaving no one new top on your barrel.
It is best for propagation of dracaena to choose an early spring. The top of the tree cut with a sharp knife, if possible, not crushing the fibers of the trunk (so you can't use scissors). Slice immediately powder with powdered charcoal, leaving a thick enough layer to avoid rot and desiccation. After that you can activate the growth of dracaena hot shower, placing the pot into the bathroom and Strait for about 15-20 minutes with water temperature of 40-50 degrees. After a shower dracaena needs to stay in the bathroom for at least an hour to cool down and for draining the pan of all excess moisture. Slice powder oneself with coal again, and the pot is placed on its usual place. Most often, in place of the cut grow 2-3 new trunks, but the number may be different.
Cropped top requires rooting and it can be done in two traditional ways - putting it in the water or planted in the ground. If rooting in water requires a warm place to enable it to form roots and that cold water did not provoke rot of the stalk. In the water you can throw a few tablets of activated charcoal, and it would be disinfected, and add one of the drugs that perpetuate. Several of such preparations and the most famous of them is "Kornevin", "EPIN", "Zircon". The roots of the dracaena will appear not earlier than in 2-3 weeks, at low temperatures the period may be delayed up to a month or more. Be planted in a permanent place it can be, when the roots reach no less than 3-5 see
Rooting in the soil can take place in different ways. It is best to use for rooting a separate container and special substrate. Well in this matter, sphagnum moss, vermiculite, and pure quartz sand. Placing the cutting in a container filled with these substrates or their mixture need to worry about ambient temperatures and timely moisture. In favorable conditions, roots appear in 2-3 weeks, if the temperature is too low or the moisture is not enough, rooting can be very lengthy.