You will need
  • the razor blade;
  • - alcohol for disinfection.
Start pruning geraniums is necessary while the plant is still young. The only way to specify the shape for its further development. Your task is to make geraniums a lush, stimulating the development of lateral shoots. To adjust the development of the plant will need throughout its life.
Select the form that you want to give a pelargonium. A lot depends on the flower. Some of the geraniums form long stems in the centre, others are actively bushes, and still others fall. Adhering to the genetically predetermined shape of the plant, you will achieve greater success.
Pruning is best done with a razor blade, disinfected with alcohol. First and foremost is to shorten too long stems. Select desired height, find the leaf node that faces outward from the crown. Cut the stem directly above a leaf node without affecting the growth point and holding the blade at an angle.
Inspect the plant. If in the middle of a Bush formed a thickening, cut the excess stems. The inner part of the Bush should be free and well ventilated, otherwise the plant may be affected by fungus and pests.
If pelargonium does not require radical pruning, the process of formation of side-shoots can be stimulated by pinching. Remove the upper part of the shoots with the fingers, without affecting the lateral growth points. Thus it is possible to adjust the height of the plant. Don't let him stretch out, otherwise the geranium will lose decorative.
Note that the constant pruning of plants prevents him from forming flower buds. If you want the geranium blossom, stop pruning and clothespins, increase watering and feed the plants. After a while pelargonium will gain color. Correctly cropped geranium blooms luxuriantly and abundantly.
After flowering start pruning again. For the time elapsed since the last treatment, your geranium stretched and formed extra shoots. Return to her original form and continue to support it until the next "season of blooming".