Dog fat is a folk remedy for bronchitis and tuberculosis

Dog fat is actively used in medicine for many years. The structure of this unique funds includes large amounts of fatty oils, polyunsaturated fatty acids. Also the "people's doctor" contains a significant amount of protein and active minerals.

In addition to the treatment of bronchitis and laryngitis, ointment on the basis of the dog's fat relieves joint pain and muscle pain. In addition, this folk remedy has no contraindications. To be treated with drugs based on the dog's fat can a person at any age. And yet with allergic dermatitis doctors advise not to use this treatment.

Correct use of dog fat

To dog fat had the most efficient effect in bronchitis and tuberculosis, need to know how to apply. For a start not hurt to consult with a specialist who will prescribe medication medication drugs. They can be combined with the use of dog fat.

Before use such folk remedies be sure to shake well to get rid of the sediment. You will also need to melt fat dog in a water bath under natural conditions at room temperature. Bronchitis adults should consume 6 grams of fat twice a day. And here at children aged 5 to 12 years will be less dosage – 3 grams twice a day. For better absorption fat dog it should be taken thirty minutes before meals.

If you have TB, it is recommended to use dog fat often. It is advisable to take it on a tablespoon three or four times a day (before each meal). You can also improve the taste of dog fat immediately before use, if you add a little honey.

The maximum effect can be achieved with the combination of internal use of dog fat. In diseases of the lower respiratory tract is supposed to RUB the dog's fat chest and back.

If you want to protect yourself from diseases of the respiratory tract, it is necessary to use dog fat inside two times a day one tablespoon one hour before a meal. Typically, such a prophylactic course lasts a month. But if necessary it can be repeated three times a year. The break between courses should not exceed four weeks.