Track concert program of your favorite band with your best friend and get some tickets for him, the amount depends on your physical capabilities. Try to contact the leaders or artists, ask them to congratulate a good man and their fan from the day of birth. This greeting your friend will definitely remember and will be grateful.If you can not attend the concert, organize a party at the club. Try to persuade your friend to be a DJ, invite your close friends, and the entire evening congratulating the birthday, in advance prepared speech.
Congratulations, you can write not only the banal postcard. Depending on your capabilities, order the inscription with a heart with the words on the banner in the place of the city where your friend her will. Put yourself greeting from led cords in the room of a friend or at work before the party, when buddy is busy with other things.On the street you can have fireworks and write kind words sparkling sparklers. Illumination on a tall building and the greetings that will bring carrier pigeons, very effective, but not always enforceable. The simplest way is to write on the pavement or the snow under the window of the birthday.
Hire a group of female dancers before they dance their passionate congratulated your friend. Of course, if he has a favorite, this issue needs to be discussed first of all with her! In the absence of the best friend of girls, the number of dancers should be great - for the good man did not mind.
Organization, preparation and decoration of the festive table - troublesome and very few people are pleasant. Do a friend a gift - cover chic table. For this he you himself to congratulate all night! Give him this idea, each guest to congratulate on such a great and wonderful birthday. "Newborn" he will say any good words about themselves, and invited to listen.
If your best friend is not timid, and all your pals are the same brave boys, come along to skydive on the day of birth. In advance write on pieces of white fabric paint congratulations, distributed between all the Bouncing. The instructor will organize your group and tell us how best to do this.
Well, if the holiday fell during the hot summer months - congratulations, you can write in the sand, place seashells. Organize scuba diving in a place where you have already posted words of congratulations and gifts. The celebration of the birth of the best friend in the winter, arrange to have someone at the cottage - away from the city noise, the crackling of burning wood even the most mundane words seem significant and special.