How to make a wish in the birthday of the original

In the first place, consider, who is the addressee of your message. If it is designed for a loved one, then you can not be shy and Express their personal thoughts and to recall life events that cause pleasant memories. But if you congratulate a colleague or boss, in this case you need to try to keep the tact not to put the honoree in an awkward situation and not to cause problems in the future.

You can proceed from those desires, which had long dreams of the birthday boy. There is always something missing in my life. Someone wants a family cosiness, and someone starved to see a different country or dreams of a career and professionalism. Besides the fact that your greeting is one of the most cherished desires of the birthday boy will the original, it will demonstrate how well you understand this person. And understanding, in turn, suggests that you care for them.

The wish on the birthday given the nature and personality of the birthday boy

If the person you congratulations happy birthday has a good sense of humor, will be very useful comic toast in the form of a joke or story funny case of life. In this case, it can be replaced and the usual greetings some interesting synonyms. For example, instead of the standard words of the richness you could wish for a bag of money, KAMAZ diamonds or the will rich great-grandmother.

If you feel that you are not strong in creating original and funny, congratulations, you come to the aid of the sites where there is a wide variety of fun rhymes and interesting toast. Perhaps after viewing their works you can create your own greetings, which will be originality and to reflect the personality of the birthday boy.

There are almost no such people who don't like compliments. Just throw epithets will be little need to stress the really important qualities of a hero of the occasion, which certainly agree and his entourage, and himself. This will allow him to feel special, important and most needed person who valued family and friends.

Regardless of who is the birthday boy, you can always avoid banality. For example, you might start the toast with legends, comic Proverbs, poems, limericks, or songs. First, it will give your greetings a special flair, and secondly, it certainly will long remain in the memory of all guests and, first and foremost, the birthday boy.