You will need
  • - wrapping paper;
  • paper for tips;
  • - video camera;
  • - a balloon.
Think of a greeting in verse form. To purchase a gift card with someone else's poem inside is not enough. Greetings will be original and will be remembered for a long time, if its meaning will be close to you and to the birthday boy. Try to write a poem, which will clearly present the features inherent in the hero of the occasion. Don't forget about the sense of humor, otherwise original greeting can turn into something banal and boring.
Divide your gift into several parts. If you prepared some gifts, you can give them. You can hide them in different places throughout the apartment or room, and a birthday to give clues - notes, which tell you where to look for the next part of the gift.
Congratulating the birthday man, give him such a thing, which will cause bewilderment, but it will be somehow connected with the main gift. This is quite an original approach is best used if the celebrant is characterized by its emotionality. It is also appropriate in cases where the birthday boy knows what you want him to give. For example, if he is fond of classical literature and for a long time asked you to give him the gift of a new edition of his favorite works, give him a love story low quality, Packed in gift paper. Emotions that arise in the process of obtaining such a surprise, remember. However, it is not necessary to delay the presentation of the original planned gift.
Shoot a video with a greeting. Here you can use friends, relatives and close friends of the birthday boy, if you are with them. Pretty original can become a musical greeting in which everyone honors the hero of the occasion, singing his favorite songs.
Try to make a birthday during greetings. For example, it is possible to prepare in advance a balloon and prior to his speech to inhale helium. Whatever you say, your voice will amuse everyone present, including the celebrant.