Saving personal data and passwords in Mozilla Firefox

The web browser Mozilla Firefox works in operating systems such as Linux, Mac, Windows. It can be installed on a smartphone or Android. It's everywhere the most stable and operational. A distinctive feature of the browser – its open source, high-speed operation and maintaining the privacy of user data.

Hiding personal data on the Internet, the browser has no secrets from you. While working Mozilla Firefox securely stores the user's passwords to ensure neither had to type them in or remember. Mozilla will do it for you. Unlike most browsers, in addition, each of the stored passwords can be viewed. To do this, go to the desired page and right-click the mouse. In the appeared menu select the "Information" page.

The window that opens will have several tabs: "Main", "Multimedia", "Permission" and "Protection". You should upgrade to the latest. The security tab provides information about the authenticity of the website and its owner, allows you to see the certificate and the technical details of the connection. To private user information includes the history of the site, preservation of information (cookies) the website on the computer and finally saved passwords. To view them please click on the "View saved passwords". A window will open where you can see a list of saved website passwords.

To view the entire list saved in the browser passwords, you must use the main menu. You should click on the "Tools", choose the "Settings" tab. Go to "Protection", and then "Saved passwords...". All passwords Firefox saves the file signons.txt located along the way: "C:\Documents and Settings\user Name operating system\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\folder browser with a randomly generated именем\bookmarks.html".

Import saved bookmarks and passwords from Mozilla Firefox

When you upgrade, reinstall the operating system or for migrating data to a different browser you may want the file saved passwords and bookmarks. In the tab "Bookmarks" in the main menu you must go to "Show all bookmarks". This item can be called by pressing Ctrl + Shift + B. this Opens the window "Library" which will list all saved bookmarks. Here you can edit, delete or sort.

In the tab "Import and backup" you can create or restore a previously saved backup, export or import bookmarks and saved passwords Mozilla Firefox. You can also import bookmarks from another browser.