For selective removal of logins with passwords in Opera browser, press to open "Settings" and select "Delete private data". This method opens the settings window to delete personal information. A detailed list of settings you need to open by clicking on the inscription "Detailed setting". In this list there is a button "Manage passwords" by clicking which opens a list of those websites that the browser saved logins. The names of the sites here are clickable - click to displays the related lists of usernames. To remove you need to click them and click "Remove".
In Internet Explorer for the same operation you will need to go to the page with the login form of the website, the login to which you want to delete. Double click in the input field of the login opens a list of saved for that form logins. Use the arrow keys (up and down arrows) to move the line, you login, and then delete it by pressing the Delete key.
Mozilla FireFox the option selective destruction of logins stored in the settings window. To expand it under "Tools" in your browser menu select "Settings". You need a tab "Protection" placed in the "Passwords" button "Saved passwords". If you press the button reveals a window with a list of usernames and sites to which they correspond. Choose the list that you no longer need, and destroy by clicking "Remove".
If you use Google Chrome, open the menu by clicking the icon with the wrench in the upper right corner and select "Settings". In the opened settings page, click on "Personal stuff" placed in its left panel and look at the sheet plants for personal materials the button "Manage saved passwords". Clicking the button opens another page - "Passwords." It posted a list of web resources and logins to them. Unnecessary, you can delete by clicking the cross at the right edge of the row for this login.
In Apple Safari, click any section on the "edit" menu or in the upper right corner of the icon with the gear. In both cases, the dropped list it is necessary to select "Settings". In the settings window go to the tab "AutoFill" and click "edit" next to the Names and passwords of users". So you open the window with placed in it a list of sites assigned to them by usernames. Unnecessary erase button "Delete".