You will need
  • - PC running Windows operating system;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - web browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome;
  • - Opera Password Recovery;
  • utility BehindTheAsterisks.
If you use to view web pages in Mozilla Firefox enabled in the settings of the recording function cookies, find your saved logins and passwords directly in the software. Start Internet Explorer, click "Tools" and go to the settings of the system. In the pop-up window containing multiple tabs, enable the option "Protection".
Click on the "Saved passwords" in the pop-up tab and navigate to a new page in the web browser. It has identifying symbols, which are preserved in the computer's memory when you visit various online resources. Click on "Show passwords". You can protect your sensitive information and establish a code word in the same menu of the browser.
Find out the names of the users if you are visiting the worldwide web using the popular browser Opera. Open the menu item "Tools" at the top of the web browser, use a password Manager and view the list of user logins.
Install additional software to access stored passwords, selecting for this purpose the tool Opera Password Recovery. Remember that a third-party program does not guarantee the complete security of your personal data.
Viewing passwords in the browser Google Chrome, click the appropriate option in the browser toolbar. Log in to advanced settings and activate the "Show cookies".
Universal free use utility with intuitive and accessible interface BehindTheAsterisks and find passwords in cookies is a standard Internet Explorer browser. Go to the program options for the display of code words and symbols instead of stars and get access to the passwords.