Advice 1: How to see password under dots

The situation when a user forgets the password from the website or Internet programs, is quite common. In that case, if the forgotten password is visible in the input field in the form of asterisks or dots, you can try to recover with the help of special programs.
How to see password under dots
You will need
  • program SeePassword;
  • - the program Multi password recovery;
  • - the program Open Pass;
  • program Asterisk Key;
  • program Hidden Password;
  • program Password Cracker.
One of the very easiest to use programs of this kind is SeePassword. A running program is a small window – drag it with the mouse on the line with the asterisksand you will see the password in the window of the program. Peeped the password can be immediately copied by pressing the appropriate button. If, for some reason, this program can not show the password, use other utilities.
Download and install the program Multi password recovery with greater search capabilities and decrypt passwords. With its help you restore forgotten passwords saved in various browsers, email and other programs. The full list of features can be found on the website of its author:
Use password recovery program Open Pass, very simple and compact – its size is only 5 KB. The advantage of this program is that it can display passwords that are not addressed by many of its competitors.
Good results to recover a forgotten password can be retrieved using the Asterisk Key. Good job shows and similar to the name of the program Asterisk Logger. Also you can try the program Hidden Password and Password Cracker.
Remember that saving your passwords in browsers and other programs presents a significant risk. Modern Trojans can easily get this stored password, so try not to trust their computer.
Useful advice
For accounts, of no importance, have a single password, it will greatly simplify your work in the network. Passwords for valuable resources keep written on paper. You can use a flash drive and store passwords on it in a text file. The file, for security reasons, you can package the files and install the well-known password. It might not be too long, about six characters, but composed of letters of different registers, digits and special characters. To crack such a password very difficult.

Advice 2 : How to see hidden password

To prevent theft of password, almost all programs give the option of entering a password by displaying asterisks. But what if you forgot your password and see only stars. There are ways to recover these passwords.
How to see hidden password
You will need
  • - a computer connected to the Internet.
  • program browser.
Download and install the software to view hidden passwords, for example, go to the program IE Asterisk Password Uncover. It allows you to recover passwords hidden in Internet Explorer. After downloading the installation file, run it and install the program on your computer. Run it, select "Run", then click "Start restore" (Start Recovery) or press the green button on the toolbar. The result of the password recovery will be presented in the form of a table with the counts: "Program", "window Name", "Password" Link. So you can get passwords from Internet Explorer to various websites.
Run Mozilla Firefox, if you want to find saved passwords in the program. Go to menu "Tools", then select "Settings". Go to the tab "Protection" in the "Passwords" click on "Show passwords". Next, you will see a list of sites for which the program Mozilla Firefox kept passwords. Click "Show passwords" and the asterisks are displayed password, confirm by pressing the "Yes"button.
Download and install to your computer the program Asterisk Password Reveal, to get passwords from programs. Just go to the website and the bottom of the page click the link "Download". Wait for downloading the program, install it on your computer. Next, run the program and the program from which you need to recover the password from asterisks. Navigate to program Asterisk Password Reveal, select the process and click "Display". In the program window will appear the password is saved.
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