What flowers to plant in the yard and how to combine them correctly.

Beautiful flowers in the yard of a private house or at the entrances of multi-storey buildings it is important to choose and match properly, so after no inconsistency. The basis of the flower garden to make the best of these perennials, such as roses, pansies, ageratum, etc. Around them is already possible to plant annuals, the choice of which today is huge. Primroses, crocuses that bloom in the garden the first tulips, daffodils, snowdrops will look best either in the background or along the walkway that leads to the house.

Flowering in early may, hyacinths, irises of different shades, able to set off the delicacy of other plantings, Moscow cornflowers and daisies should be planted at the edges of the flower bed. This also should put the day lilies – a picturesque plant with long leaves, because it can become the dominant feature of the whole composition.

Bushy beautiful flowers in the yard is to plant randomly. Surround them with rose bushes, peonies, bells, and ass petunias. On one of the beds surrounded by daffodils and daisies should be planted different varieties of lilies and chrysanthemums. If in the yard there are fruit trees, the space around them can be decorated such low flowers like Lobelia, viola, marigolds or nasturtium.

If you want you can place the flowers in the yard in pots, but in the winter they should bring home can freeze. The best way to arrange the Alpine flower garden of stonecrop, adelisa, flowers young, Turkish carnations. They can also surround a rock garden or a small fountain, if any, in your yard.

In the foreground of a flower garden can plant out low-growing plants. Here will look perfectly cloves, barvinky, Alpine Aster, and dwarf iris, primrose and forget-me-nots. Directly near the house is to plant Datura, fine-leaved marigold, gray Levkoy, sea lobularia. Near the fence or the gate – varietal lilac, black elderberry, silver sucker, red meadowsweet, Valerian medicinal, etc.


Remember that the group planting is needed to meet the height and size of plants, their flowering season. When choosing flowers to decorate the yard, guided by your taste. Don't be afraid to experiment and to remove or to add any other colors, apart from those mentioned in this article, move them from foreground to back. Let your flower garden pleases you from early spring to late autumn bright colors.