Garden of continuous bloom!

Novice gardeners may not know is that even before the blooming buds of daffodils and tulips plot is elegant, with daisies, spring crocuses, primroses. These plants are low, so plant them along paths bordered by flower beds with them.

In place of the primroses come: fragrant hyacinths, daffodils, Columbine, tulips, irises.

Country territory all the time will be in bloom, if planted peonies, lilies, roses. This group of ornamental plants replacing the spring, decorating the garden in early summer. Rose occasionally show their beauty from June until frost. After resting a few days to bloom again.

Irises, daylilies are also encouraging gardeners this time period. Plant purple iris, and a garden filled with the aroma of honey.

Time of early summer is gone. At the end of June bloom in fragrant Phlox, Lacy inflorescence white, blue, pink hydrangeas. These charming, natural creation is also long blooming. With them, the garden will be dressed to early autumn.

In late summer the dahlias begin to bloom. Species of this Royal flower very much. Ranging from small pompons, charming spherical to those varieties that have tubular flowers, with a diameter of 20 centimeters!

In late summer to decorative petrocity join all kinds of chrysanthemums, autumn Crocus, perennial asters, called in common "santarini" and "oktiabrina".

Growing conditions

Speaking on how to choose perennial flowers to put them in the country, it is necessary to consider what conditions are there on the site. If there is a lot of shade, you should plant some plants. The sun will grow others, such as Primula, Daisy, rose.

The first two unpretentious flower. They can be grown at home the seeds, and then they will multiply themselves. Pour these low-growing plants dry summers. Without richline and fertilization Primula and Daisy will still bloom well. Here the roses need more attention. They need to cover for winter, spray from pests, pruning, fall and spring.

Great importance when selecting perennial flowers for the garden plays and soil composition. If she is poor, then plant all of the same Daisy, primrose, adding delphinium, Columbine, crocuses.

If you want to have in the country, more perennials, and problematic soil. Enough when boarding to make a hole rotted manure, a little sand, fertilizer. Then a blooming garden will delight the eyes from early spring to late autumn.