Rose buds

Even if you are a novice grower, plant in the garden rose. This plant is not capricious, as is commonly believed. In the middle lane it is perfectly winters under cover of peat and spruce branches. In the southern regions this is not required.

Plant some chinogerni varieties along the tracks. White, cream and yellow will post separately, since the neighborhood with varieties of red shades will be cross-pollination. On the bright buds appear spots of crimson.

Can you plant a rose directly in the garden, this would make them the original way. Mark in the garden area of a circle, divide it into sectors, leaving between them intervals. It will track. In the middle make a smaller circle and put it in the center of the Queen of flowers.

In this place you can put another charming plant is a zinnia. Her buds are like flowers roses. At one plant a lot of stems and every flower-strewn. Varieties of zinnias – a lot. There are tall, dwarf specimens. The color of the buds is also diverse – white, pink, red, yellow. Looks spectacular mottled colors.

Stoklosa also has a very beautiful buds. It is a biennial plant. Plant the seeds in June in the Northern, Eastern or Western part of the garden near a fence or support. By September, the seedlings will grow stronger, and next year will delight the tall, slender stems with double flowers.

Unpretentious flowers

Those who want to plant seeds directly into the garden, do not thin out the plants and exercise a minimum of care, may acquire the mixture of cornflowers. They grow fast and have very interesting color.

Calendula is also unpretentious. In response to infrequent watering will delight orange flowers, like marigolds. But they have these buds are double and large, although the plant itself is low.

Petunia is also very unpretentious, the only thing that must be done first to plant seeds for seedlings. When she turns a month, carefully raspakirati small seedlings in a separate container. Subsequent care of plants is quite simple – a rare feeding, watering, loosening.

Put some pots with petunias in the garden, and these colorful Islands transform it. The plants will love these pots, they will bloom continuously all summer.

Decoration garden for years to come

Perennials also adorn the garden. Plant lilies, phloxes, irises, garden chamomile. Don't forget the Narcissus, the poppy, santarini, hydrangea, chrysanthemums, then the plot will be decorative all summer. Give them a separate area in the garden, not to accidentally dig over the beds, where grow the flowers.

If you have a basement, cellar or another room where you can store dug bulbs and tubers to plant dahlias and gladioli. In late September, dig them, dry the corms and store in a cool dry place. In may next year again we will plant the flowers in the garden.