The undisputed leader of the rotation is the greens, in particular, all sorts of salads. Spinach, rucola, lettuce – all of these crops can be sown throughout the summer season. July is the best time for their planting. These crops have a relatively short gestation period. However, here there is one nuance. There are early and late varieties of salads. First for planting in July are not suitable, since under the bright sun, they quickly released the arrow and bloom. Sowing salad vegetables, it is important not to forget to water them in a timely manner. If there is insufficient moisture in the lettuce will become bitter taste.

In addition, in July we can safely re-sow cilantro, parsley, onions on the greens, Basil, dill. Some gardeners try to grow in July, radishes. However, not all this idea could succeed as long photoperiod and also in the bright sun, this root quickly release the arrow. It is better to delay planting radishes until August, and in July a good alternative he will be a daikon radish.

You can sow beets and carrots: early ripening varieties will give you a harvest by the middle of September. However, the yield of large size to collect is unlikely. The roots will grow small, but sweet and juicy. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to plant a turnip. The July planting of this root will be perfectly stored in the winter.

Boldly sow perennials such as mint, lemon balm, sorrel. But this year their harvest is you don't enjoy, but lay the Foundation for next year.

As you can see, in July at the cottage it is possible to plant many crops. The most important thing – correctly to select varieties and planting to ensure proper care.