Creating the garden of your dreams, you can not miss the slightest nuance in the design of the suburban area. Of course, the undeniable fact remains that having a smallholding, he should benefit in the form of vegetables and fruits grown with hard work. But also important that you rest after the working week. Harmoniously and tastefully decorated with a landscape takes a lot of mental enjoyment of the owners and guests visiting your site. Ornamental shrubs planted and tasteful in the right of the composition, decorate the country, will add brightness and variety to the landscape.

Familiarity with the varieties and types of flowering shrubs will facilitate the task of their selection and the choice of a favorable place for planting. Shrubs planted in groups in the border area can serve as a green fence. Undersized specimens are planted in groups, forming a border. And in some cases shrubs provide natural protection from the wind and sun for other plants. Choosing the right place for composition, you need to consider the requirements of the shrubs to the natural environment, as well as to consider the dimensions of the adult plant.

Shrubs that bloom in the spring



Early in the spring of forsale bloom Golden tangerine blossoms, reminiscent bells. Straight, strong shoots covered with flowers, in the end, Bush is comparable to spring's bright sun. In years with a strong decrease of temperature can occur freezing of flower buds. Look successfully planting forsale on the emerald lawn with creeping juniper.


Evergreen shrub with Golden-yellow flowers. Shrub of a height of 80 centimeters is beautiful not only in summer but in winter it is able to keep its appeal, with the fruits of dark-violet color. Magnolia prefers moist and fertile soil. Due to moderate height shrub, Magnolia planted in front of tall shrubs or forming curbs.


The rhododendron – very hardy and undemanding shrub. The most popular rhododendron Japanese. The flowers are pink with a variety of shades depending on the variety.

Japanese quince (Japan quince) not afraid of cold. Blooms a beautiful bright red and pink flowers. Practice single landing. Looks good with the planting of barberry and spirea.

Viburnum, mountain ash, and Saskatoon– all the familiar shrubs. Embellish the garden and in spring and winter.

Lilac – a common shrub with a variety of color of the flower. Long and profuse flowering accompanying delicate aroma.


Shrubs, flowering in the summer


Fruit and ornamental shrub, reaching a height of 2-3 meters. Barberry is a great find for the background. Planted flower composition on the background of the barberry look very impressive. Decorative foliage has a different color, and the flowers are small fragrant smell. After flowering bushes studded with red berries. The practice of planting hedges.


Weigela is a shrub to 1.5 m Flowering shrub with long and abundant flowering. The flowers painted red, pink, lilac and white colors. Flower baskets are large, tubular, in corymbs. Prefers moist fertile soils. I like Sunny areas.


Dogwood – shrub up to 3 m. In the winter time his rod shoots turn red. The flowers are white. By the fall formed a white, blue or red fruits. Darren hardy and tolerates shearing. Planted in small groups or to form hedges.

Clematis – shrub or shrub. Is considered the king of vertical gardening. Luxury large flowers are striking in their beauty. And they of various colors. The colour of the flowers is striking in its beauty. Likes bright areas with fertile soil and abundant watering. Need some shelter for the winter. Beautiful clematis entwine arbors, pergolas and various supports. Varieties with dark color of the flower it is advisable to plant in areas where direct sunlight are a few hours, and clematis with more bright colors look great in the Sunny areas.

 Rose – Queen of flowers. Very demanding in the care and fertility of the soil.



Shrub height from 30 cm to 2.5 m. Low-maintenance growing spirea is a variety of shapes and colors. Every variety has a different flowering time. Using the design different sorts you can organize the continuously flowering garden.

Mock orange (Jasmine)

Toostronic is famous for its large white and very fragrant flowers. Selecting varieties with different flowering times, planting groups, it is possible to achieve amazing effect and prolonged flowering.

Shrubs with autumn flowering period


Decorative shrub to 2 m. Flowers are arranged in broad pyramidal inflorescence.


Heather , a shrub with a long flowering period and variety of colors.

He should plant in the country these excellent shrubs and they will please you throughout the summer season. And some will remain a decoration for your garden in the winter and colder months.