Those who are annually in the spring and autumn digging the soil for vegetable crops, not satisfied with the prospect of even more time to work with a shovel to plant flowers. Moreover, spring sowing is conducted in quite a short time. Those who come to the Hacienda for two weekends need to have a lot of work, so it is often not enough time for digging the soil for flowers.
Plant a perennials. This can be done in early autumn, when farmers have more free time than in late spring. Once planted daffodils, lilies, irises, you can forget what the digging of these plots of land. Irises and daffodils require minimal maintenance. At first, the root system reaches the surface, so the ground around these plants almost do not need to loosen. At the end of April with the help of fork, make several punctures in the ground for better access of oxygen to feed the plant complex fertilizer. All these flowers are propagated by tubers or bulbs, so the seeds don't need to bother.
Rose will also be a great decoration for the garden. She also planted no seeds. Roses in many varieties, from dwarf to climbing. Groundcover grow in breadth, forming a flower carpet. In addition to these ornamental plants can be planted in the garden perennials: Echinacea, Lily of the valley, daisies, columbines, santarini.
In the second half of the summer decoration of the garden will be dahlias, gladioli. But the tubers of these colors need to dig by the end of September, dry and store in the basement. In may, plant them out again.
Avid gardeners are happy to grow annuals. If you want to have in the evenings the cottage was fragrant, put Mattiolo. Flowers in her small, but smell in the dark is extraordinary.
Very showy zinnias. To see their beauty, worth to dig in mid-may, a small part of the garden and put it in the ground seeds of these plants. Over time, formed a Bush with POM-poms. Color of plant is very rich and diverse. To see this charm earlier, plant their seedlings home at the end of March, and asters. These flowers grow in the garden is a must. Otherwise, you will not see colorful beauty.
Dwarf marigolds, high lavantera too will become a worthy decoration of the garden. Cornflowers belong to the unpretentious colors. Plant a seed mixture of these plants, which consists of different shades at once on a constant place, and soon the area of the plot will resemble a blooming field. Biennials viola and Turkish carnation is also very beautiful. The latter is not only charming, but very flavorful.