The Yorkshire Terrier is a relatively young breed, which appeared in England in the mid-nineteenth century. Now, looking at the little York, it is difficult to believe that half a century ago, this dog fearlessly destroyed the rats on the streets of British cities.


Each Yorkshire Terrier can be your character and a highly individual attitude towards owners, strangers and other animals. Most Kobelkov this breed as a puppy quite pugnacious, extremely active, besides possess quite rare for a dog quality – they jealously protect their territory from any external intrusion.

The representatives of the opposite sex, on the contrary, very delicate, literally from the first days tightly bound to the new owner and he is constantly looking for protection from someone else. Sometimes the behavior of dogs of breed Yorkshire Terrier and are a kind of anomaly – a girl can furiously rush to each counter, and the boy hiding under the couch at the slightest sign of danger.

Regardless of the features of the character, experts recommend to educate Yorkies on the same circuit. This breed is very intelligent and all the flaws in the behavior that took place in puppyhood, can completely correct.


The most common problem faced by owners of Yorkshire Terriers, is a habit of the animal to constantly mark its territory.

Based on this, dog experts recommend that from an early age to teach your dog to "place". This is particularly relevant recommendation for the owners of those dogs who are rarely on the street and all his "Affairs" used to do on a special tray. If you treat this issue in a slipshod manner, unpleasant "gifts" in the form of puddles or piles may appear in different places of the apartment or house.

Another behavioral problem, as a rule, the owners boys of York. The fact that Kobelkov very poorly behaved, if somewhere in the neighborhood suddenly appears ready to mate girl. Very often dogs literally lose their heads and run away from the owner.

However, in the heat, girls can also bring a lot of trouble, as they are in this state it is highly aggressive, nervous, constantly looking for a partner. In order to avoid an unexpected pregnancy while walking in the heat, the girl should wear a special costume.