Yorkshire Terrier and its features

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Because the breed is Yorkshire Terrier is a toy, these dogs were bred solely for the pleasure of their masters. Yorkies are extremely convenient for keeping in an urban environment thanks to their simplicity – they do not need exercise, long walks and a large living space to maneuver. York enough walking at the entrance, however, they may arrange and a special dog toilet, where they can urinate without leaving home. The Yorkie does not smell "dog", and they are resistant to relocation/travel.

Yorkshire Terriers are ideal for people who are allergic to the dander their fur is very similar to its structure in the human hair.

A distinctive feature of this breed is their amazing coat. Head of York painted in Golden color, and the body is darker, with a coat of silvery bluish tint. All Yorkshire Terriers have to be neat parted in the middle, running from head to tail, and v-shaped, erect form of the ears. The Yorkie's tail is usually docked only half – in accordance with world standards, which is desirable for show dogs.

The types of Yorkshire Terriers

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One of the main types of this breed is the Biewer York a La POM-PON Terrier. This species differs from Yorkshire Terriers to its color, which is divided into black, white and gold colors. In addition, beaver Yorkies have stronger joints and a more powerful body, and their coat needs no special care because it almost never strays into mats.

Unlike Yorkies, Biewer-Yorkies optional docked tail, and the weight of this kind of Terrier can reach from 3 to 3.5 kilograms.

There are Yorkies with slightly lowered and a long muzzle with a sad expression "person". Today is a very popular variety with a slightly cropped and wide muzzle, which is nice to call a "baby face". Yorkie this species is extremely charming and has hands-on puppet external data is desirable for breeders.

In recent years, a large popularity of this type of Yorkshire Terriers, as a "mini" which is famous for its tiny size - their weight is usually in the range of 1.5-2 kilograms. Unfortunately, these cute Yorkies have a weak physical Constitution, often suffer from various genetic diseases and live a fairly short time.