Yorkshire Terrier – farmed ornamental breed. Mobility, good nature and unique appearance earned York an incredible popularity among miniature dog breeds. As to determine the age of the small breeds are very difficult, some breeders use it and uninformed customers sell suckling the puppies, giving them a 2-month-old. Not to be trapped, before buying you should inquire about the external data of the baby, especially since he is fundamentally different from an adult Yorkshire Terrier.

Looks like month old puppy

To see the puppy York dog with long silky hair, flowing cloak from the back to the floor, is problematic. Newborn puppies of this breed - a kind of miniature Rottweilers in color: black with tan markings. To say in months what color coat a particular puppy will not undertake even the most experienced breeder. The growth of wool peresvety, acquiring black color. Correct the standard color Yorkie is silver-Golden.

Weight monthly pet depends on the breed of York: mini or standard. It is clear that the standard is larger, but in a month age and it should not exceed 600 grams. Mini is almost 2 times less. Standard weight of adult dogs is limited to 3.2 kg. If in the future the dog will outgrow this standard, it will not be admitted to the exhibition. When this is not the purpose of the purchase of the puppy, the weight does not matter.

The ears of York allowed to stand, however, the order of things, unless it happens to 3 months. Experts say that to sound the alarm after six months. But 1-1,5 months old puppies are already starting to shear wool from the ears, accustoming them to this procedure. This is done because to withstand the weight of long hair and erect ears is very difficult. The nose of the York at the birth of pink or gray, but the month he needs to turn black.

Yorkshire Terrier, very cheerful disposition and incredible movement, at the age of 1 month is still clumsy. After the next feeding he, like all young puppies, noticeably rounded tummy, turning it into a sort of capsule.

Why it is not desirable to buy a puppy York at the age of 1 month

Up to 2 months puppies York still eat 6 times a day, mostly mother's milk, which she sometimes regurgitates food to accustom their offspring to the rougher feed. So to feed the little puppy York unusual food will be difficult. With him will need to sit, to draw attention to stern, tapping on the bowl or near it.

Hope that baby can be fed cow's milk, is absurd. It will only cause stomach upset. Bones, raw fish, bread, legumes, raw eggs is also prohibited. Egg protein can also harm the quality of wool. With months of age for feeding a puppy York, you can use prepared food for ornamental breeds, but often it get soaked.

An important point is the fact that puppies York are born with the larvae of worms. To talk about dog health, without conducting preventive vaccinations and measures to get rid of worms, it is impossible. Therefore, puppies York sell, as a rule, not earlier than 2 months. The first step in the application of anthelmintic measures account for 3 week since birth, and even after 3 weeks, the procedure is repeated. Only 10 days after anthelmintic Yorkshire Terrier is the first vaccination. If the former owner of a puppy failed to take all necessary measures, he must notify the new owner or the life of the pet will be under threat.