The first estrus Yorkie-Sook happens in 8-12 months, on the recommendation of the Russian Cynological Federation (RKF), knitting only 3 heat, when the dog Matures, i.e. when she was around two years old or a little older.
как правильно ухаживать за йоркширским терьером
In any case, before the first viscous, visit the vet, get tested and pass inspection. The body of the dog must be absolutely healthy, so you need to get rid of mites, fleas and worms. Of course, her diet should be balanced, the dog should neither starve nor overeat.
дня йоркширского терьера
To observe a mother is required from the first day of estrus. Her long hair collect in the curlers, and one that is growing around the loop, carefully cut. Favorable for fertilization are only two days from the period of estrus, so it is very important not to miss them.
выбрать щенка йоркширского терьера
The onset of ovulation can be determined by tests, but this possibility is not at all. The timing of these days can come in 9-14 day of estrus and it is possible to define the behavior of the dog. When you touch the back she drops her tail to the side, slightly raising it. The loop these days becomes soft, and the discharge from her - almost colorless.
как мыть йорков
According to the unwritten rules for mating bitches bring home to the dogs, it is important to "groom" was in a familiar situation and not nervous. The psyche boys-Yorkies are more fragile than girls, and the dog can just "burn out". Four hours until the dog need to be fed and have a good walk, so they could empty their bowels.
когда впервые купать йорка
Before you enter the house where the dog lives, ask the owners to remove it for a while – your "bride" needs a little to get comfortable in the strange room, sniffing it. Directly before introducing them, just in case, put her a muzzle or put a bandage on her face with a soft bandage, so she is not bitten partner. It needs to have the experience of mating, in this case the "wedding" will be held as necessary. Most importantly, the dog demonstrated a desire to start a mating, it is almost 100% guarantee that in a few months you will have to study the literature on how to take delivery from York.