Gonna put a Yorkshire Terrier mix in a limited area, for example, in the kitchen. Let him live there until you learn, in most cases, to do things in the tray. Lay on the floor 10-15 folded twice or three times of Newspapers. Catch the moment when the puppy wants to write, and set it on a newspaper. Newspapers change as pollution. If the dog went where necessary, actively praise him and reward with a treat. If shitting on the floor, scold, quickly remove puddles and piles, wipe the place of their localization with detergents.
как распознать щенка йоркширского терьера
Buy some cat litter, place them so that the Terrier mix saw the trays. Let him play with them, even sleeping inside. When the puppy gets used to the sight of the trays, remove some Newspapers from the floor and cover their tanks-toilets. Some newspaper should be dry, but some are soiled with secretions of dogs to smell. Several times leave the puppy in the tray, much praise, if he did there. When the baby sits on the floor, carry it to the toilet.
выбрать щенка йоркширского терьера
After a week remove from the floor all the Newspapers, wash everything with ammonia or lizoformin. Leave only the trays and gradually move them to the hallway or the toilet where you want them to stand constantly. Continue to praise the puppy for going to the tray and scolded for soiling the floor. Planted the dog in the tray after sleep and food. Over time, remove some trays to eventually left alone. Find wet Newspapers to dry.
как приучить кролика к лотку