Yorkies are prone to obesity. Them, overfeeding can not only cause obesity but also cause problems with the development of the backbone. Feed adult York is necessary twice a day, morning and evening. To determine the amount of food needed for one feeding, it is very easy. For every pound of pet's weight is sufficient to 1 tablespoon of food.
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If you decide to feed your pet a natural diet, don't forget to add in a bowl of food with special vitamin-mineral fertilizer. In the finished feed for Yorkshire Terriers the ratio of ingredients is balanced, so the intake of extra vitamins is not necessary.
ли кормить адаптированной смесью и кисломолочной смеси
The basis of a healthy diet York include: raw or scalded beef, thoroughly cooked beef offal (kidney, liver, stomach), cooked or raw vegetables, oatmeal, dairy products, including calcined cottage cheese, sea fish and egg yolks. All of these products should be fresh, thoroughly washed and processed. Meat, fish and vegetables before giving them to the dog, cut into small pieces.
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Exclude from the diet of York, pork, lamb, various meats, river fish, sausage, fish, pasta, fresh bread, cabbage, potatoes, milk and all kinds of sweets. Do not feed your pet cat food. It contains too many proteins and fats.
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When making a meal for your pet, follow some of the recommendations. Morning portion of feed a Yorkshire Terrier have to be liquid. Meat delicacy, which is necessary to give at least 5 times a week, alternate with milk. Every day give your pet vegetables, twice a week, fish once a week 1 – egg yolk.
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The plate of food and bowl of water should be at chest level York, so set them to small stable stand, which the dog will not be able to overturn.