No matter how touching did not look York is a real dog you want to train. Of course, learning them has its own characteristics. On the site of the young York don't drive. Classes are held in the apartment, in the yard at home, during trips or at the cottage. Only the owner should teach the dog the necessary commands.
From the very first days of the puppy in your home, teach him to collar and leash. In the 1.5-2 month puppy can begin to learn the first commands. Room decorative dogs are trained using kosovaairlines method, using simulations of obedience treat – a piece of unsalted cracker, cheese or Apple. If the dog is on dry food, then a piece of food.
Playing with a dog spend just in a good mood, your nervousness will immediately affect the dog, and will prevent the perception of its teams. The teams themselves keep to one or two words, say them, encouraging, cheerful voice, loud and articulate. Not to say several teams or inserted between commands additional phrase. Completely eliminate baby talk and diminutive phrases in moments of command. Can give vent to your feelings when you praise your brick for its correct execution.
The duration of a single session of training should not be too large, simply 5-10 minutes to repeat the classes several times throughout the day. The dog should not be neither too hungry nor full. Otherwise she would be too excited by the form of treats or, on the contrary, is indifferent to him. In this case, the learning process will have no effect.
Pay particular attention to the testing of the banning commands: "Fu!" and "No!". Unlike the others, say they have menacing staccato voice and secure voice conditional reflex unconditional – easy, but a sharp tension on the leash. Despite its apparent rigor, these commands will help to protect inquisitive and direct city from many dangers.