Training spend in the apartment, near the house, on a walk or at the cottage. Use kosovaairlines method. If the dog is on dry food, then feed a piece, if not then unsalted crackers, small piece of cheese or Apple. Shouting and punishment to York in any case can not be used training conduct just in a good mood, the teams serve in a reassuring, cheerful voice. Keep from baby talk and diminutive phrases. One training session should not be longer than 10 minutes during the day, they can spend a few. To train the dog should only be a host who knows her character.
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The main command for any dog is "Place". Sitting next to the puppy and holding the delicacy, which he sees, stand up and walk to his couch, saying "place". When the puppy runs up to her, put it on her, lightly tapping on the rump, praise and give food.
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Team "Fu" will help stop unwanted actions or to stop the dog if it shows excessive curiosity. To say the team need a strict, threatening voice, which is a conditional stimulus. As unconditional, the command can be reinforced by a slight jerk the leash. This command should work, if the owner of the dog is already installed in close contact. The team must be submitted at the time when the dog just starts unwanted activity.
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The command "To me" smart Yorkies are beginning to understand almost immediately. During the game, you throw him a toy so he ran off, and then show the treat and say, "(nickname), to me." As soon as the puppy ran up, he gets a treat. Can ask someone, so he got distracted and held the dog.
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To practice the command "Sit", put the dog on the floor, slightly pressing her croup. Loudly and clearly repeat the command. If the puppy managed to survive in that position for some time, give him encouragement.
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Once the dog will perform the command "Sit", teach her to shake paw. Several times repeat the command "Give paw" and gently push one of the front paws, so that it has bent or take it above the wrist and lift upward to shoulder level. A little soak in this situation and give a reward.
Yorkies learn easily and willingly, to train them throughout life. Educated and well-trained dog will be your pride, and you will always be able to control its behavior and to prevent the danger that may come her way.