All children are born with the presence of physiological flat feet, which disappears with the growth and development of the baby. But there are cases that child for 4 - 5 years developing PLANO-valgoid deformity of the foot (collapsing the legs inward when walking).

The reasons for the formation of the PLANO children's foot

Causes of flat feet is quite varied, but it is necessary to distinguish that there are congenital and acquired form of this deformity. Up to three years of age the child PLANO stop is diagnosed only if the baby there are congenital anomalies of the shape or position of the bones at the level of the foot.

After three years, the PLANO foot develops as a result of weakness of the leg muscles and ligaments are not able to get hold of the arch of the foot in the correct position. This can happen because of wearing poor quality shoes. There is a genetic predisposition to the emergence of such a defect in development.

PLANO treatment of the foot

The treatment of this pathology development of the foot depends on the nature of the disease. If there is to be a congenital deformity, treatment begins at birth, thus it serves two main purposes: correction of the defect and fixation of the result.

Treatment is mandatory in all the following stages:
- immobilization of the legs with plaster bandage, correcting the shape of the leg (patch orthopedist is selected individually, depending on the degree of deviation, norms, and the type of deformity);
the second step is to conduct timely massage, body treatments and physiotherapeutic treatment (complex of special exercises aimed at the development of the muscles of the inner arch of the foot), the purpose of which is the result of consolidation;
- hold the achieved effect is the third stage of the treatment of disease. PLANO in the presence of deformity in the child, it is mandatory to wear special orthopedic shoes or wearing any shoes, but to add special PLANO footbed.

If the hammertoe has acquired the character, the doctor recommends only carrying out physiological procedures, wearing orthopedic shoes and special exercises to develop the muscles of the foot.

Necessary to strengthen the muscles of the exercises are performed on two propositions:
- sitting: bend the legs at the knees and lift the heels, first together, then alternately, you can also grab various objects with the toes (perfect for this pencil or colored light bulbs);
from a standing position: alternately pull the sock at the same time, turning it slightly inward as you slide right foot first in the left calf, trying as hard as you can to cover it, and then the same to make and left foot.