You will need
  • Salt dough, plaster, alabaster, a set of "moments of childhood", paint
The easiest, but no less interesting way to cook salt dough on it and leave fingerprints. The dough is then baked, thereby obtaining a tiny cast. A few years later, celebrating another year, it's safe to remember about the workpiece together and to paint its colors, turning it into a fun game.
How to make <b>fingerprints</b> <strong>legs</strong> <em>child</em>
You can still trace prints are pencil on paper and then to cut them. But this method is not suitable for very small children. But such prints are easy to be pasted in an album!
You can put prints with paint, it is better to use a jelly-like paint. It is non-toxic and easily washed off. If the child is older, fit and gouache. And lipstick – then you can see all the lines. The process is not complicated - a leg or arm need to spread the paint or lipstick and lean on paper or cardboard and you're done.
How to make <b>fingerprints</b> <strong>legs</strong> <em>child</em>
Option expensive to find in a children's store special sets of "moments of childhood", which includes: a form for casting, the bags with the plastic mass, paint, a brush and a stick for stirring. With the help of a special kit for a rather short time, you can make casts of the handles and legs of your baby. Another set is attached to the frame, so the cast made you fit as a gift to grandparents.
How to make <b>fingerprints</b> <strong>legs</strong> <em>child</em>
One material - self-hardening mass, the principle is the same, but to dry the mould to gently. Sometimes it spreads in the drying process, and are then ready to insert a cast in a frame is impossible. Therefore, the material serves to dry immediately in the frame.