Causes kosolapy

Before to correct a club foot in a child, it is necessary to identify the reasons why it happened, what muscles during walking are severely strained, and which, on the contrary, relaxed. Will help to understand this situation the podiatrist. He will undergo tests and will prescribe individual course of treatment.

When is the best time to start treatment

To begin treatment of clubfoot is possible after 3 months after birth. Developed gentle methods of correcting the defect according to the method of Ponseti. According to this method, clubfoot results in shortening of the adductors of the foot and Achilles tendon. To remedy this shortcoming and will be directed therapy. It will help to fix the position of the foot in a newborn without surgical intervention in the joints. The treatment takes about 3 months. Child a plaster from your groin to your fingertips. During this time, the leg and foot take the desired shape, the Achilles tendon and the muscles of the foot stretch. After this treatment of club foot is corrected in 99% of cases. To avoid relapse, the child wear a brace that allows you to capture the foot in the correct position. The method of Ponseti effective for the treatment of newborns and children up to 2 years. During this period, the muscles and ligaments are the most elastic.

Mild kosolapy

Mild clubfoot corrected by using a warming massage. Need a massage for relaxation and inner rear leg muscles. Need to make stroking, podrachivaya movement followed by stretching. To correct the defect will help therapeutic exercises aimed at increasing muscle activity. Gymnastics is combined with the process of soft bandaging on the Finca-Sochi. A bandage is applied to the entire limb in a certain order and sequence. You must comply with all recommendations of the doctor and not to self-medicate in order not to aggravate the situation. It was the orthopedic surgeon determines the technique of treatment, which can vary depending on achieved results.

Prevention of the disease

Parents can make a contribution to the prevention of disease. You must ensure that the baby is a half day went to orthopedic shoes, and the rest of the time barefoot. Thus it is useful to walk on the sand, small stones, pebbles, so that the muscles receive the necessary load and properly developed. The child should be taught Cycling and swimming, these skills will help him to correct the defect. Right foot arch is not formed immediately, but only by 5 years. Sometimes the problem is solved by itself as the child grows.