"Paracetamol" during pregnancy and lactation

Increased temperature can adversely affect the fetus, so it needs to shoot down. If it is higher 38оС, it can be a symptom of viral diseases. In this case, you must consult a doctor who will prescribe the drug and will select the appropriate dose. Often, women are at a temperature in pregnancy and lactation prescribed "Paracetamol" and preparations based on it. These funds are considered relatively safe.
Remember that "Acetaminophen" in large doses toxic effect on the kidneys and liver. In women with diseases of these organs, the risk of side effects increases several times.

At therapeutic doses, "Paracetamol" will not have harmful effects on the fetus. During pregnancy "Paracetamol" is also prescribed for pain syndromes (headache, toothache). In these cases regular use of this medicines is not recommended. Other antipyretics ("Aspirin", "Aspirin") should be rejected. Many medicines that are prescribed at high temperature, contain basically ibuprofen. These drugs can not be taken by pregnant women, as they may cause abnormalities of the fetus.

How to take fever-reducing tablets in lactation

While breastfeeding "Paracetamol" it is better to take after feeding, in this case, the amount of drug in the milk will decrease. At a temperature of lactation, you can use candles "Paracetamol" or "Nurofen", in this case, the active substance does not fall into breast milk. If a nursing mother is assigned to the drug, not combined with breastfeeding, in this case, you need to take the pill to feed the baby and a few hours to Express milk from both Breasts of milk. It needs to be poured, the child can be put to the breast an hour later. If assigned a course of antibiotics, you need to think in advance about the stock of expressed milk or to transfer the child to the mixture.
The child is not starving, you can feed him milk expressed prior to taking the antibiotic.

To lactation is preserved, you should regularly Express milk. The baby needs to be fed through a syringe (without a needle) or with a spoon, because after using the bottle, he may refuse the breast. At a temperature in pregnancy and lactation, you can use folk remedies. Helps raspberry, take it 2-3 times a day in any form: dried, fresh, candied. You can drink tea with lime, honey, lemon.