Reasons for sudden or progressing during pregnancy headaches several. This altered hormonal balance, increasing weight, which gives an additional burden on all the organs, the edema in the nasal cavity restricting the flow of oxygen toxemia and exhaustion. The hardest periods are the first and last trimesters of pregnancybecause they are associated with major changes in the pregnant woman's body.
You must be a painthe neck to relax. Sleep at least 8 hours a day. Cut out and work a second to escape from the exhausting work. Probably, and to pregnancy did you notice the "heaviness" in the head due to lack of rest. And now the painShaya portion of the effort goes into the development of the baby, and you need more rest.
Don't forget about positive emotions. In the course are all means - good music, aromatherapy (you can arrange Aramaeans, adding a few drops of essential oil in boiling water or on the lamp fixture).
Headache ask your loved one to massage you scalp. Stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp and the heat of his hands close will definitely ease the pain. Yourself massage of the temporal area with the fingertips.
Ask them to massage your neck and shoulders. Try to relax.
Try to make a cold compress the lower part of the neck.
The strong pain helps rest in a cool dark room. Lie down, close your eyes and try to sleep.
Watch your diet. You need complex carbohydrates – vegetables, fruits, cereals, salads. Eat as often as possible. Avoid sensations of hunger, but not fill up on their favorite candies and rolls, and give preference to the right for both you and baby products. Very often women experience headaches while reducing the level of glucose in the blood. Do not allow this.
Eliminate spicy, salty or smoked foods from your diet. This will not only help to get rid of a headache, but it will be useful to you and your baby.
You will need painthe neck of fresh air. Walk in the Park, often ventilate the room in which you are. Avoid stuffy and smoke-filled rooms. Smoke cigarettes can provoke head pain.
Many women when pregnancy there is swelling of the mucosa of the nose and difficulty breathing. To improve the condition can irrigate the nasal cavity with saline, mint drops and warm compresses in the nasal area.I hope that by following these guidelines, you get rid of a headache. But if the pain does not cease, be sure to consult with your doctor.