Advice 1: How to relieve headache during pregnancy

The rare lucky ones don't know what head pain, which is a particular problem for many women during pregnancy, when a number of drugs are contraindicated because of the risk to the fetus. A frequent headache pain affects the mood of the expectant mother and may even lead to depression. Using a few simple tips, you will understand how to take off head pain during pregnancy without harming your baby.
How to relieve headache during pregnancy
Reasons for sudden or progressing during pregnancy headaches several. This altered hormonal balance, increasing weight, which gives an additional burden on all the organs, the edema in the nasal cavity restricting the flow of oxygen toxemia and exhaustion. The hardest periods are the first and last trimesters of pregnancybecause they are associated with major changes in the pregnant woman's body.
You must be a painthe neck to relax. Sleep at least 8 hours a day. Cut out and work a second to escape from the exhausting work. Probably, and to pregnancy did you notice the "heaviness" in the head due to lack of rest. And now the painShaya portion of the effort goes into the development of the baby, and you need more rest.
Don't forget about positive emotions. In the course are all means - good music, aromatherapy (you can arrange Aramaeans, adding a few drops of essential oil in boiling water or on the lamp fixture).
Headache ask your loved one to massage you scalp. Stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp and the heat of his hands close will definitely ease the pain. Yourself massage of the temporal area with the fingertips.
Ask them to massage your neck and shoulders. Try to relax.
Try to make a cold compress the lower part of the neck.
The strong pain helps rest in a cool dark room. Lie down, close your eyes and try to sleep.
Watch your diet. You need complex carbohydrates – vegetables, fruits, cereals, salads. Eat as often as possible. Avoid sensations of hunger, but not fill up on their favorite candies and rolls, and give preference to the right for both you and baby products. Very often women experience headaches while reducing the level of glucose in the blood. Do not allow this.
Eliminate spicy, salty or smoked foods from your diet. This will not only help to get rid of a headache, but it will be useful to you and your baby.
You will need painthe neck of fresh air. Walk in the Park, often ventilate the room in which you are. Avoid stuffy and smoke-filled rooms. Smoke cigarettes can provoke head pain.
Many women when pregnancy there is swelling of the mucosa of the nose and difficulty breathing. To improve the condition can irrigate the nasal cavity with saline, mint drops and warm compresses in the nasal area.I hope that by following these guidelines, you get rid of a headache. But if the pain does not cease, be sure to consult with your doctor.
It is established that the development of the fetus headache pregnant women is not affected. But cause pain depression can affect the course of pregnancy, and the health of the child. If headaches happen occasionally, it is possible to reduce them by taking analgesic. Disposable its reception will not cause harm to the fetus. If the pain is severe, prolonged or frequent, without a doctor's prescription is not enough.
Useful advice
The easiest way to eliminate the headache during pregnancy is to take pain medicine. In addition to taking pain medications, there are other ways to relieve headache during pregnancy: 1. Try to find the cause of the headache and to get rid of it, for example, if you're hungry, You should eat if you feel stressed, try to relax and steady my nerves.

Advice 2 : What headache tablets can be drunk during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a painscheu stress to the body and a large load on the organs. Any pain is a sign of abnormal internal system. Often pregnant women get headaches. The reasons are quite different: vegetative-vascular dystonia, hormonal changes, the increase or decrease in blood pressure. Headache specific nature. Very often during pregnancy there is a strong throbbing pain localized to the right or left.
What headache tablets can be drunk during pregnancy?


If you experience headaches for its withdrawal not recommended to take medication in the first trimester of pregnancy. In the second and third trimester more advanced placenta acts as a protective barrier, so some drugs still can be accepted. Headaches during pregnancy will help paracetamol for infants. He is taken to calculate 10 milligrams per 1 kilogram of body weight, but not more than 500 mg.
Very good tool is the no-Spa. It is taken two tablets once.

The list of medicines for headaches, valid in pregnancy.

- viburkol, one candle for 30 minutes until improvement occurs, but not more than two hours;
- the tablets in the second trimester 1-2 tablets after meals with milk or hot sweet mint tea;
- papasol, 1-2 tablets, twice a day;
- aspirin in the second trimester of 0.5 grams, 1 times a day;
- drugs. It should be applied in a thin layer on whiskey;
- chimes, 25 milligrams per hour before meals or 1.5-2 hours after three times a day;
- analginum in the second and third trimester once the physician;
- Riabal, 90-180 milligrams in three divided doses per day;
- Nurofen, in the first and second trimester on the recommendation of a doctor;
- efferalgan in the second trimester of pregnancy at the recommendation of a physician;
- Panadol, 500 milligrams up to four times per day;
- Panadol extra 500 milligrams three times a day, minimum interval between doses is at least four hours;
- novopasit, one tablet or five milliliters of solution up to three times a day;
- the balm asterisk, a thin layer on the temples or the nape of the neck;
- migranal, one tablet not more often than six hours.

There is a perception that during pregnancy you can take andipal headache, though, if you carefully study the user manual to this drug, it becomes clear that pregnancy is a contraindication for its use.

Not drugs

If you decide not to take the pill, know that there are some traditional ways to relief headache. Ventilate the room in which you are. Drink hot sweet tea or eat something sweet. Wrap a cold compress around the neck and top cover with a dry cloth.
Keep this poultice should until dry.

RUB the nape and upper neck a warming ointments. Follow these few exercises for pregnant women aimed at breathing. If the headache is associated with an increase in pressure, put to feet a hot-water bottle for fifteen minutes. Try to go to sleep.

Advice 3 : What headache tablets can be used during pregnancy

Frequent headaches in pregnant women in most cases are explained by the reorganization of a hormonal background. Sorry, not to hurt the body of a child, it is necessary to significantly reduce the list of acceptable drugs, with the exception of the familiar and effective drug.
It should be noted that severe headaches normal stop themselves after about the sixteenth week of pregnancy, after the shell is fully formed fetus, protecting it from negative influences. Since that time, the placenta begins to perform a protective function, allowing the body to return to its normal state and less responsive to stimuli.
It is advisable before taking any medicines consult a physician in order not to harm your body. Unfortunately, most conventional tablets and syrups from migraines expectant mothers are not suitable, but you can try to use baby medications, concentration of chemicals and additives is much lower, so they cause much less harm.
If we talk about pain the active substances from the list you want to exclude aspirin in any form because it thins the blood, which during pregnancy can be quite dangerous. Should refuse drugs based on ibuprofen (including children), as it can trigger slowing of labor. As the active substance is better to choose a paracetamol (and any tablet based on it). But even it should not be taken in large amounts and courses of longer than three days, because it can affect the respiratory system of the fetus. Be sure to follow the instructions, do not take more than one gram of paracetamol. If you do not like something during the reception of this tool, there are some unpleasant sensations, be sure to contact your doctor.
Try to deal with headache by other means. Aromatherapy essential oils of green Apple or citrus can reduce discomfort and stop the pain. If possible, go to a physiotherapist and ask him to explain which points should act during a migraine to get rid of it. Wet compresses — another great way to deal with strong bouts of pain.
During pregnancy the cause of migraine may be rapidly changing sugar levels, so try eating little but often to keep it at one level, this method allows to reduce the number of attacks several times. If the headaches are not of high intensity, they can go after taking a cool shower, but do not make the water temperature is too low, not to get sick.

Advice 4 : What pills can pregnant headache

The myth that pregnant women cannot take the pill, long ago dispelled. But keep in mind that the placental barrier passes many chemical elements, so that pharmacological agents are divided into drugs that are allowed, for expectant mothers, and is prohibited. For headache you can drink antispasmodics and sedatives, but not analgesics.
Headache tablets
Try to find the cause of headaches. In your condition requires a lot of vitamins and useful the whole set of minerals, if you don't get sufficient, your body redirects a large part of the resources for the proper development of the fetus, so you can develop signs of hypovitaminosis. This condition is characterized by headaches, dizziness and General malaise. In this case, after consultation with the doctor, take a course of multivitamins, for example, "eleven", which is specially designed for pregnant and lactating mothers, or "Komplevit", and its members are uniquely balanced all the useful components
If the headaches you associate with emotional upheavals, so you are nervous at work, disagreements with husband or bad sleep at night, then the valid use of sedatives. Of course, during pregnancy you can use the drugs only plant-based, that is of herbs. The easiest and most known representative of this group – extract of Valerian, if it is not sending the necessary effect and the headache persists, then use the tablets "Persen" or "Novo-passit". Remember that only allowed dose of medications is not harmful to the baby, as best you can drink 3-4 tablets sedative medication per day. Consider the fact that beneficial effects on your nervous system in pregnancy is influenced by a walk in the Park, being in nature, visiting cultural attractions (theatres, museums, exhibitions) and the conversation with the psychologist. Prepromote first, these are harmless ways, and only then, if you are not able to find peace, and headache will not work, resort to the pills.
Headache can be caused by a spasm of blood vessels in the brain. In this case, you will feel continuous pain of an indefinite character, may appear nausea and "flies" before the eyes. With such a pain of funds to help with antispasmodic effect that are permitted to be taken by pregnant. The safest representatives of these tablets – "Papaverine" or "Drotaverine", his own analogue, "But-shpa". These drugs, for two hours, will affect your body and blood vessels expand. This pharmacological group medicines safe for pregnant women, these pills will help to relieve the hypertonicity of the uterus and improve placental circulation. Before using any drugs you must consult with your doctor. If you have high blood pressure and a headache, only the doctor will prescribe additional examinations and will choose a balanced treatment that will not affect fetal development.
In a state of pregnancy, forget about the usual pain relief tablets from the group of non-narcotic analgesics, the most famous of them is analgin and aspirin. These medications affect the cardiovascular system and penetrate through the placental barrier. Even once the use of such drugs may negatively affect your baby's health.
Any medication can trigger an allergic reaction, in this case, discontinue their use.
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If causes of headache in the General fatigue of the body, you will help classes for the soul, for example, embroidering or weaving beads. When you will be distracted and will forget the headache will disappear on their own.
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