The recipe for pickling the bacon in the dry way

In fact, the salting of bacon is no different from the blank for future use lard. There are 2 methods of salting: dry and in brine.

To add salt home the bacon, you need the following ingredients: 1 kg pork belly, clove of garlic, 100 g of rock salt coarse grind, 1-2 Bay leaves, spices.

Bacon - pork belly, pieces of meat with pronounced fatty layers. Choosing a brisket for pickling, you should pay attention to its quality. The meat should have a smooth pink color, and fatty streaks white. If you press on the meat with your finger, the hole disappears quickly. It is best for salting bacon choice bacon meat with wide stripes and narrow fat.

Brisket is cut into pieces with a width of 10-12 cm Meat is thoroughly washed, cut the rib bones and dried with tissue paper. Garlic clear from the husk and slice the cloves thin slices. Salt mixed with your favorite spices like ground black pepper. Pork is thoroughly rubbed with a mixture. The thicker the brisket, the more you need salt.

Then the pieces of pork stuffed with piece of garlic and put in a convenient container skin down. The upper part of the breast draped the remains of the garlic, add the Bay leaf and poured half of the mixture of salt and spices.

Within 2 days the breast should colitisa at room temperature. Then send it in the fridge for 3 days. During the salting should be periodically drained from the tank selected bacon liquid. The finished brisket is washed in cold tap water and dried with napkins. Store home best bacon in the freezer, wrapped in plastic wrap.

Salting homemade bacon in brine

To prepare a liter of brine you will need the following products: 100 g of salt, 10 g sugar, 1-2 Bay leaves, 5-6 peas black pepper, seasoning to taste.

The meat is washed and placed in a deep pan thick layers. You boil water in a pan adding salt, sugar, Bay leaf and spices. The cooled brine is poured pieces of brisket. The brine should completely cover the meat. You can flatten the breast weight.

Capacity kept in a cool place for 3-4 days. This time should be enough for salting small pieces of brisket. Salted meat is washed, dried and stored in the freezer. Ambassador bacon wet method has a clear advantage. Salt penetrates faster into the product and is evenly distributed. In addition, the output is lightly salted, very tasty bacon.