Advice 1: How to cook boiled bacon

Properly cooked bacon can take a worthy place even on the holiday table. There are many recipes for this traditional Slavic peoples product. Very tasty and tender, the fat is obtained, if the boil with spices.
How to cook boiled bacon
You will need
    • fat - 1.5 kg
    • salt - about 0.5 kg
    • water
    • Bay leaf
    • pepper
    • garlic - to taste.
Carefully pick up the fat for further processing. You can take frozen, but better if you can find fresh lard with well-treated skin and layer of meat. Selected the fat should be washed thoroughly and cut into pieces convenient for cooking, i.e. that they easily fit in the pan. Pieces measuring about 10x8 cm best suited for uniform brining.
In a pan pour water and add salt in the proportion of 1 liter of water – 100 grams of salt. Once the brine boils, add all the prepared spices. A classic recipe of boiled bacon as the spices used Bay leaf and black pepper. Aroma and taste of bacon can be somewhat diversified due to selection of appropriate spices. Except Bay leaf and pepper, you can add cloves, coriander, cumin, fennel seeds and mustard. In brine with spices dipped the prepared bacon pieces. Thus it is necessary to ensure that they are fully submerged in the brine. Cook on low heat for at least 40 minutes.
Then the pieces of fat should be removed from the brine, lightly dry with a linen towel or napkin, and still hot, sprinkle with a mixture of minced garlic and ground black pepper. Covered with spices and slices of bacon should be wrapped in parchment paper and a kitchen towel until cool. When the bacon has cooled, it should be deployed and placed in the refrigerator.
You can do more and differently. Give boiled pieces of bacon to cool in the brine and then remove and cover with crushed garlic and ground pepper. Then wrap it in foil and give some time, three hours, to soak up the spices.
To store cooked bacon should be refrigerated. But it would be better if it will be place in the freezer. The frozen slices are very conveniently cut into thin plates.
Useful advice
If brine is to prepare a decoction of onion peel, you can get bacon that looks very reminiscent of smoked.

Advice 2: How to get a gentle fat in Belarusian

Though fat and is a brand of Ukraine, we will do a delicious bacon recipe cooks Minsk.
Fat - the best appetizer
You will need
  • A piece of bacon 1-2 kg;
  • Water;
  • Salt large;
  • 1-2 garlic heads;
  • Black pepper or peas(if you have a mill);
  • Bay leaf;
  • Clean cloth;
  • Foil
Prepare to salting a piece of bacon. If necessary opalium on a gas burner bristle into the skin.
Washes clean, scrape knife, make small incisions in the skin along and across (to be there).
In a saucepan dilute the brine, 3-4 tbsp of salt per litre of water. The water level should be slightly higher than the piece (pieces) of bacon in the pan. Sakladim pieces in the brine.
Put the pan on gas, heat the water to a boil and switch off immediately. Make sure that the bacon was covered in brine (can be put on top of the plate).
Leave the bacon in water for a day.
The blunt side of a knife remove the greasy ("lard").
Crumble the bacon in a mixture of freshly ground black pepper and chopped Bay leaf.
Round pieces of thin slices of garlic, wrap tightly in cloth, then in p/e package and remove 5 days in the refrigerator.
Take out a piece, remove the garlic, perekladiv fat in the foil and in the freezer at least a couple of days. There fat will be more tender.
When choosing the fat on the market, pay attention to the color and smell. The fat should be white or pale pink color, without any traces of blood vessels. Smell slightly milky, without sharp extraneous notes.
Useful advice
In addition to black pepper, can use red hot peppers - as you like.
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