Bacon has become a familiar ingredient of many dishes intended for Breakfast. A significant role was played fast cooking tasty meat strips. To prepare a crispy, perfectly fried bacon three ways.

The classic way to fry bacon.

Layers of meat into long thin strips fry on well warmed up frying pan. It is better to use a small degree of heating, otherwise the thin slices of meat easily burn or get dry. Slow heating allows to melt from the bacon most of the fat, giving the slices of juiciness and a pleasant crunch.

Turn the pieces several times, paying attention to the degree of deep-fried Fried bacon, cooked properly, has a pleasant Golden hue. Cooking time depends on the desired degree of roasting. For example, well roasted dark bacon cook for 10 minutes. After frying the bacon spread on a clean paper napkin which will absorb excess fat.

Add to the pan with vegetable or butter is not necessary. Bacon fry in its own fat, melted by heating.

How to fry bacon in the oven.

Before putting the bacon in the oven, you should warm it, by setting a temperature in the range of 180-220 degrees. A baking sheet lined with foil and spread it on the slices of bacon in a single layer.

The cooking time will be 15 minutes. In the same way as when frying in the pan, ready to shift bacon on paper napkins.

Cooking in a microwave oven.

The fastest fried bacon cooked in the microwave. Plate designed for microwave oven, cover with paper towels. They spread a layer of bacon on top of meat and cover slices with another layer of paper towels.

When frying bacon in the microwave, it is important not to overdo the product. So cook the bacon need no more than 3 minutes. If he does not look well-done, you can again place it in the microwave for literally 30 seconds.

Each of these ways allows you to quickly prepare an appetizing dish of deep fried pieces of flaky meat. If you want to make bacon the maximum juicy and flavorful, it is recommended to fry the strips in the pan. When time is limited the best solution would be cooking in the microwave. If you wish to have crispy bits, it is preferable to use an oven.