How to choose fat

Pork fat has long been considered a valuable food product. The fat contains unsaturated fatty acids, as well as Polunina arachidonic acid required by the human body.

The product turned out delicious, first of all it is necessary to correctly choose a fresh product. Good fat is considered to be homogeneous, without streaks and with thin skin. Fresh product the knife enters easily.

Preparation for pickling

Once you have chosen the fat, the next step is to prepare it for cooking. The fat is washed in cold water, with a cut seal, if any, and all that you can't wash it. Then the fat is placed the skin up and scratching gently with a knife, as the skin needs to be clean, but not cut or torn. After you have cleansed the skin, a layer is again washed and cut into pieces. The value of pieces often depends on the capacity for marinating.

Salo is marinated in brine and dry method. Salted in brine for a long time retains its color, that is, does not age and does not turn yellow and, therefore, remains delicious.

Salting fat hot brine

In boiling water at the rate of 1.5 liters per one kilogram of fat and added salt (1 Cup), spices – pepper, Bay leaf, for color you can add onion peels. To bring everything to a boil and put in the brine, fat, the water should cover necessarily all the pieces. After boiling, cook for five minutes on low heat. Then the capacity is allowed to cool in a warm place for twelve hours. After that, get the fat, rubbed with garlic, optional pepper, and packaged in greaseproof paper, then store in the freezer.

Salting in the cold marinade

The cold brine is prepared as follows: per liter of water is taken one Cup of salt. After boiling the brine cooled to a temperature of 23 degrees. The fat is cut into portions, placed in glass containers, with each layer shifted the spices, garlic and Bay leaf. Everything is filled with cold brine, after which the container is closed with the lid, but not so closely. Aged for a week at normal room temperature.

Pickling the bacon for long term storage

Fat for long term storage, you should wash and clean the skin, and scald. Pour the cooled brine (5 liters of water 1 kilogram of salt) placed in a container of bacon pieces. After three days, the brine is drained, pour the new, and fat to shift. Similarly to arrive in three days. And on the ninth day the fat is removed, wipe again with salt and wrap it in a cloth, and then stored for years.