Shellfish is easy to recognize, they look like small soft warts are skin color or slightly darker than, the size from the eye of the needle to the head of a pin, and a characteristic symptom they have is a small pucker at the center.

Causes of

Are raised these skin lesions are very contagious virus that can long enough to survive outside the human body and is transmitted mainly through direct contact, or towels and clothes. Particularly high probability of being infected in the pool, where not only creates a suitable environment for the virus, but there is a softening of the skin, resulting in the causative agent of the disease becomes easier to overcome its protective barrier.

Very often the victim of molluscum contagiosum are people who already have any skin problems. For example, if a person is sick atopic dermatitis, the probability of catching the virus clam grows several times over. The same applies to people with weakened immune systems. The human body is able to fight this virus, there are even cases, when a sick person was cured of this unpleasant phenomenon, so in normal condition the immune system is quite able to resist the pathogen. But it's worth it to weaken only slightly as the gate for infection are maximized, that is, wide open.

As the cause of diseases can become some drugs, intentionally or accidentally suppress the immune system. Very often shellfish affect people suffering from HIV.

Methods of treatment

Sometimes the treatment does not require any special measures. You can just wait a couple months until the body's defenses do not cope with the pathogen, eliminating the resulting consequences. But if not or just to wait there is no desire or opportunity, there is a method of mechanical removal of warts. This occurs, as a rule, under local anesthesia. Doctor special sharp spoon scrapes the education. The second method of removal is made using a special curved forceps, which a surgeon squeezes a clam. If this treatment is performed in young children or formations too much, it makes sense to perform it under General anesthesia.

Alternative method of removing of warts involves applying them to the solution of potassium hydroxide. This method is well suited if the shellfish are presented by individual specimens. There is also the option of cryotherapy, when education is frozen with liquid nitrogen, and then disappears from the skin.